Poetry: The Mundane and the Divine in the middle of the night

Life is a dream.
to wake up is enlightenment,
in the middle of the night.

Mundane is to shop at Walmart in the middle of the night,
Divine is to go outside and taste the brightness of the starts!
Mundane is needed to survive,
Divine, to breathe and be alive

Mundane is to watch TV just to relax
Divine is to wonder at the birds flying in the sky;
There is no fear of the deepest heights
for that is teaching my wings on how to fly

Being drunk in the middle of the night
extends a dream when is time to wake up,
a divine call will not let you sleep
as a mundane bill won’t let you breathe

Deep depth comes from your heart
Rest assured, that is Divine,
Mundane is superficial shallowness
coming from your own mind.

Your possessions aren’t yours
That is Divine,
As the Aurora of Dawn
brings that beauty
which is not mine.

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