Question: If something is going wrong in the office, i.e. , a person is given undue monetary benefit, by keeping aside the rules & regulations; moreover, higher officials are not even giving the due to other employees. In such a situation, whether one should raise the voice… or not? What should be done?

Great question.

In “normal” conditions this is a question of “morality.” The popular “do what is right.” 🙂

Gyan, on the other hand, shows me that everything that is happening is the “right” thing.
Therefore, it just depends on your value of things. That is your role. Please remember that we are always dealing with perceptions of reality.

What you are describing above is just your perception. If it is affecting your job performance in a direct way, that is a different story. Look for solutions rather than “raising the voice.”

In this world you will find that there is a lot of “perceived” injustice. When we remember the law of karma, we are aware of things from a different perspective.
Choose your “battles” wisely. Not every battle is worthwhile to be fought…and the “winner” is always the one who never fights. 🙂

Best wishes!

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