The power of “Now”- Eckhart Tolle

A Bk friend of mine (Who I have a lot of respect and love for) insisted that “I need to read the “Power of Now,” By E. Tolle.
This time, I took the “effort,” and I am finding lots of “wealth” in it.
Attached is a “free pdf” that I found on the internet.

Below, some things that i am finding interesting in this reading:

First, I value Mr. Tolle’s experience. I find his experiences similar to what I have experienced at some level.
Second, it puts Baba’s gyan in a more “westerner” perspective, less devotion and more understanding.
Third, concepts such as “soul,” “soul consciousness,” “God,” and “ego,” are placed in a different view (once we match his descriptions to Baba’s concepts.) Some of those, bring greater understanding to concepts which Baba uses all the time, such as “Maya,” the “vices,” “body consciousness,” etc. In this case, according to Mr. Tolle, is the “Maya of the mind. (even though we know, the sanskara of thinking is using the mind to express,) the point is to “feel” the explanation rather than to find the exact source of “thinking too much.”
Mr.Tolle does a great job describing what I feel any BK soul should be aware of, that is to understand our own emotions.

Like Tolle himslef pointed out, let us not be caught up with words and terminology but hopefully we could recognize some of the things that he is describing as ‘true’ due to our own experience… Then, this book will be of value for our spiritual edification.

I value Mr. Tolle ability to articulate inner feelings and observations/experiences into words.

Definitely, worthwhile to read to better understand the process of “dying alive.” Enjoy! 😉

The Power of Now

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