Comments on Sakar Murli 8-30-12

Essence: Sweet children, you know this unlimited play in the form of a drama. You are hero actors.
The Father has now come and awakened you.

Question: What are the Father’s orders that you obey and are thereby saved from the suffering of vices?
Answer: The Father’s orders are: First of all sit in a furnace (bhatthi) for seven days. When a soul,
suffering from the five vices comes to you, tell him: You need to give seven days of your time.
Give a minimum of seven days so that we can explain to you how the illness of the five vices can be removed.
Tell those who ask too many questions: First of all do the seven days’ course.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from
the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Don’t have doubts about anything. Watch the drama as a detached observer. Never spoil your register.

2. In order to reach your karmateet stage, make full effort to stay in remembrance. Remember the Father
with an honest heart. Check the temperature of your stage by yourself.

Blessing: May you experience the happiness of success by using every treasure in a worthwhile way at every
second and become an embodiment of success.

The special way to become an embodiment of success is to use your every second, every breath and every
treasure in a worthwhile way. If you wish to experience all types of success in your thoughts, words, deeds,
relationships and connections, then continue to use everything in a worthwhile way and do not let anything
go to waste. Whether you use something in a worthwhile way for yourself or for other souls, you will
automatically continue to experience happiness from using it in a worthwhile way, because to use something
in a worthwhile way means to achieve success at present and to accumulate for the future.

Slogan: When nothing attracts you, even in your thoughts, you would then be said to be close to perfection.


This Murli gives some points to ponder about the way the knowledge was imparted way back then.
Besides the reminder of remembrance as an everyday medicine; there are a couple of points that I would like to bring up, for as mentioned in another article, this knowledge at this time should be “globalized,” for it should apply to everyone.

Consider these points:

1) We are the Godly family and everyone else belongs to the family of Ravan: The family of Ravan is very numerous while only a few belong to the Godly family.
2) You will have more births while the rest of souls belonging to other religions will only have a few.
3) Make large pictures, so everyone could see them.

Point #1, is a very biased statement which does not reflect reality given to us by gyan, knowledge alone. Statements like that one should be removed from the Murli at this time. Why? Because according to time, the use of “contrasts” in language was necessary back then to convey the importance of belonging to the “family.” In the Avyakt Murlis (recall the one from a couple of weeks ago) BapDada mentioned that “the world is our family.” Do you see the contrast?
If we apply strictly gyan to this, we could see that we are dealing just with “perceptions of reality” and adding the devotional component to it to “stress” a point (Rama vs.Ravan.)
That is the perception of a group of souls who had experienced non-duality, vs. the ones who have only experienced duality in the cycle of time. This brings point number 2, for further churning:

Having greater births is not a reason to consider ourselves “better” or Godly like. More births experiencing “happiness’ means as well, more births experiencing sorrow. Other souls will not experience both extremes as deep as a BK soul.
Besides, Baba is continually conveying to us the welcoming idea that “is time to go home.” Thereby, if you stay home with the “Father,” longer than a BK soul, what is so “bad” about it? that means “fewer” births, of course.

Churning this will allow us to know the Drama as the essence mentioned.

Every actor has a role which is important to be performed. God is not the “creator” (Murli point: God does not create the Drama) of this Drama, neither the “director;” (Murli point: God is in “bondage” of the Drama) however, we could consider Him an “actor,” just like we are actors.

We need to understand the concept of “numberwise” with greater depth so we cannot be perceived as arrogant at this time. The concept of numberwise, clearly shows us the beauty and justice behind the Drama. Everyone gets what they are supposed to. That is according to the capacity of the soul.
It is time to grow up from childish thinking. Churning is needed.

As far as the third aspect, I have seen large pictures at the airport in Ahmedabad; however, I am not sure if that is increasing the understanding of this knowledge in people when seeing those pictures.
Note that I am saying “understanding,” not “belonging,” for in my experience being a BK automatically does not mean that we will understand those pictures as to avoid “biased generalizations.”

Yesterday, an article was shared when it was suggested to have those pictures in “movement” as reality is, rather than static. Those pictures in motion are actually movies which could be made via “flash,” or some other vector graphic software., so they become ‘resolution independent’ and they can be as big as we can see it in a web browser. Just in case, as we know “service” nowadays is done via the internet. If the sanskara of a graphical designer arises in me, i will work on that… 🙂 Have only the ideas at this time…

I liked the blessing as always. Using the “treasures” of gyan in a worthwhile way should be our aim.

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