Comments on Sakar Murli 9-1-12

Essence: Sweet children, the Father is the Lord of the Poor. It is only you poor children who take a handful of
knowledge from the Father and become wealthy. He makes you equal to Himself.

Question: How were the obstacles to the sacrificial of Rudra that have been remembered created by devils?
Answer: Human beings think that perhaps devils put all sorts of rubbish and cow dung etc. in the sacrificial fire,
but it wasn’t like that. When a child here has ego or there are bad omens, it is as though rubbish is being thrown.
When they become angry and speak useless things, these are the things that create the biggest obstacles in this
sacrificial fire of Rudra. Some children keep bad company and make their lives worthless. Maya slaps them hard
and makes them insolvent.

Essence for dharna:

1. Remove the foremost defect of body consciousness and become completely soul conscious.

2. Donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge you receive from the Father. Become as egoless as the Father
and only allow jewels of knowledge to emerge through your lips. Do not listen to anything evil.

Blessing: May you be a karma yogi who is seated on the immortal throne and who always performs elevated
actions through the physical senses.

A karma yogi is one who is seated on the immortal throne, that is, one who is a master of the self and who has a
right to the Father’s inheritance of the fortune of the kingdom. The actions of those who constantly perform
actions while seated on the immortal throne are elevated because all their physical senses work under their law
and order. If someone is not properly seated on the throne, there cannot be law and order. A soul seated on the
throne always performs accurate actions and eats the instant fruit of accurate actions. Such a soul receives
happiness as well as power.

Slogan: Those who love the Brahmin culture are loved by Father Brahma.


This Murli clearly shows that Baba’s teachings at the time, used generalizations as the main form of communication; which even though is perceived as simple language, it does not fit the reality of “numberwise” or a range in between “white and black.”
Children are usually taught in that way. It is easier to tell them: “Never trust strangers,” than to say:” Always expect the unexpected.”
The former is simple, easy to grasp and at the same time creates division, fear and a “hardcore line” which will be difficult to cross unless we are willing to experiment and accept life teachings… but at the same time creates this sense of “protection” from a the harsh environment. A baby needs protection like that. An adult with that type of protection will be hindered to reach a high destination. Teachings are according to time.

These type of teachings are not just a feature of early Brahma Kumaris murlis. As a matter of fact, most religions use those terms as well. Christianity comes to mind (from my experience) as well as others.

On the other hand, an avyakt Murli (Current Brahma Kumaris teachings) is very open to experience rather than “orders.” That takes a different understanding. Today’s blessing is an example: “To be seated constantly on the immortal throne, to perform elevated actions.”

That language is poetic, is that poetry that many souls will not be able to understand, for they are used to literal interpretations of “DO not do this, or Always do that.” Basically, Baba is talking about the experience of the soul and soul consciousness. In that experience, our actions will flow in an elevated manner automatically, because; “BEING” makes “DOING.”

Sakar Murlis, most of the time are emphasizing “doing:” Remove the vices, is the language and souls with literal understanding will emphasize their effort making life in”removing stuff” rather than “TRANSFORMING.” For we need to understand that a vice is nothing else but a degraded virtue.

In this Murli the “generalizations” were used such as ” Wealthy people do not care about this knowledge.” ” If you hear any rubbish consider that one to be your enemy,” “Remove the foremost defect of body consciousness.”

Spirituality is not as easy as adding and removing things into the self. We can only transform what we are.
In this Murli a very good point was mentioned: “New points will emerge as our understanding opens.” Therefore, I am hopeful that we will be open to those “new points,” for “newness” is the only way forward (How do you like that generalization?) 🙂

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