Let us think about thoughts

As I am reading the “Power of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle, I can recognize what he is talking about because I am experiencing it. To be fair, something similar was explained by J. Krishnamurti in one of his teachings about observing the self. I read that about 20 years ago. It became part of my “intellectual background,” just to say: “yeah, Krishnamurti explains the same idea.. Have you read him? Your ought to consider him..” Then, I look “good” under my buddie, Mr. Ego’s eyes.

But back then, I liked Krishnamurti but it was all intellectual for me and nothing practical.
That is the difference with “Now.”

Thanks to BK knowledge, I can see the importance of putting yourself into this “chamber” of “codes of conduct,” which for the uninitiated may seem like “robbing the taste for life.”

There is the celibacy, the self cooking vegetarianism, the waking up before 4 AM everyday, etc, etc. If you are single, there will be the experience of loneliness and the desperation to “get out of it.” πŸ™‚
All of that, will “force anyone” to look at the self in action. Guaranteed or your money back.
You see, Eckhart Tolle was lucky as well as most Gurus. “Something happened” in their life that made them the way they are. Perhaps “enlightened,” but for you and I, simple mortals, there is the “dying alive,” which paradoxically only strong souls, deities are able to withstand. It is not like “going to your auntie’s home.” I could wake up tomorrow being enlightened and relate here how much bliss is surrounding me… but It will not happen…for I am a Brahmin soul. I have many karmic accounts outstanding waiting to be “collected,” so “enlightenment overnight,” is just not going to happen.
Therefore; I have observed my thoughts and realized that my thinking is “not real” but the issue is that “I believe it to be real.” As Mr. Tolle mentions, my thoughts are coming from the past or building this uncertain future as to how things should be or afraid of the future becoming something else. None of that is the “Now.” Reality. Just plain “waste.”
However, As long as I believe in that mental chatter, suffering will arise. Once that goes away, Ego goes away and there is the opportunity to “die alive” to live a “new” life again, as Mr. Tolle explained. I have experienced that in my little experiment of one day. A self -retreat in my little apartment, with no outside scape.
To observe our thoughts and emotions is “effort.” Awareness is required. A “normal” individual without the background of spiritual practices, will not have the determination to follow up with this, just because he will be busy “being successful” or taking care of his own attainments in life. Most will put these teachings into the “intellectual realm.” It is safer… πŸ™‚

BK gyan, on the other hand; emphasizes the awareness of what we are, the soul. In that experience, thoughts will stop for as long as we can hold the experience. For that Baba, is continually shifting our awareness from”Me” into “YOU.” “You did it,” “You are the one who gives benefit and not me,” etc. It is another method to disengage from that mind which is deeply entrenched with the “ID” of “ME” which is just a mental construct because, that “ME” is never static. It is always changing.

To look at our thoughts without judging them, just to catch when a thought or an emotion comes up, is a deep task to recognize the “self and its own psychological pains.” At the same time, that means “freedom,” from that cage of the mind.

Therefore, I found that to meditate is to go beyond thoughts; for only beyond thoughts we can deal with that which is “real.” That is the experience of who we truly are. In that way meditation is like medicine for the mind, because it takes the mind away from the “rat race” of thoughts. We need to feel who we are. Feeling is not thinking.
The aim, is to live life in a meditative state.

That is why we meditate with the eyes open. πŸ™‚


  1. purpose of existence

    Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say fantastic blog!


  2. B

    Btw here’s the link to two most important work of tolles. They are audiobooks you can listen to it while cooking or whatever.


    I found them to be comepletely true too. But my problem is practicing presence. Like my mind Always demands more material, it needs to be busy. Being present is truly hard work. He also said something which I completely agree with the past and the future are egos dwelling place, once you are completely here in the now the ego dies. And it doesn’t want to die that’s why it hates presence.

    Another tip he gave in something I was listening to on YouTube was to take little steps to kill the ego. Like if someone calls u an idiot ur ego gets damaged and it automatically goes into self repair mode. Which is why most of us get defensive and feel the need to counter attack. Letting go this need to be defensive and watch yourself when we get into this auto reactive mode, is very helpful in diminishing the ego. As your ego shrinks your real self will shine through more and more. And you will be able to see THROUGH others ego to their core.

    These two are my current spiritual “practice”. Killing my ego more and more day by day. And STAY PRESEnt which is sooooooooooooooo hard.


    • avyakt7

      Dear soul,
      Thank you for sharing!
      Please keep in mind that “ego” is not “bad.” It does not need to be “killed” (unless it is just an expression to mean diminishing ego.)
      In my experience, “presence” or “witnessing,” is not something to practice but something that appears once we have done the inner work in the self.
      That is the “hard work.” We need to realize all the psychological complexes, all the mental frameworks which are making our life “hellish.” That process is called observation of the self.

      However, please let us know what you find out in your practice… wish you the best!


  3. BK.DR.Satyanarayan

    Thanks for sending me the comments on Murli, questions answers,exploring the depth of BK Gyan etc.I am receiving all these since June this year and IΒ  find them very encouraging . The classes from seniors are so powerful that I feel that I am not going to achieve that, but the replies you give to the questions are so practical and self experienced that I feel that I too have experienced that.I have couple of questions for you. Your explanation on yogyukt and yuktiyukt and how to apply that in practical life.To send out good vibration for a person to change their bad habits and become normal again is it pure desire or service or my own selfish desire?For me I have mixture feelings of sympathy, bit of attachment as well.I am had good positive feelings and meditation for that soul but no changes visible.
    It iscomments from sister heena


  4. rmalik108

    Dear Avyakt7..thanks for sharing your deep thoughts.. I usually have problem keeping eyes open when i meditate. Because when i see..the material and things i cannot go into the right state of mind..may be i’m begineer. I even get distracted by music, smell, or any photo or poster…just wanna keep my eyes close. I feel our concious is made up of thoughts cloud and beneath those thoughts is the real us… ..the real is just feeling alone wihout any words or thought or expression. That pure bundle of feelings is full of bliss,love,peace..i guess feeling of those 7 strengths of soul. If i stay in that i become like bodyless…


    • avyakt7

      Dear Malik108,
      Great experience!
      If what you are doing is working for you, of course, keep at it! πŸ™‚ However, it is good to remember that meditation is not just to sit in one place, but it is “while walking and moving around..” But, as you know, before taking step 2, we need to take step 1…. One step at the time…


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