Question: As I understand in “Gyan” balance is the prerequisite in every aspect? Could you please throw light on this aspect: how to maintain balance between “Lokik” and “Alokik” life?

Thank you for your question! 🙂
The word “balance’ conveys the idea of “equilibrium.” That “balance” is never static. There is no a point in your life when we can say: “I have reached balance.” Rather, it is a concept to strive for.

The typical assumption of balance is that “I give more importance to something instead of something else for some time.”
For instance, sometimes family (lokik-worldly) life will need greater attention than the time that I use in spiritual endeavors.
This is the traditional view.
Note that we are always dividing things in our life: Spirituality, lokik family, alokik (spiritual) family, work, play, etc, etc.

Here is the paradox of balance:
When we do not see parts but the whole aspect of it, we naturally remain balanced. In other words, there is no difference between my “alokik” and my “lokik” life when both are part of who I am, a spiritual being and thus, look at those under the lenses of spirituality.

That spirituality will be in my “lokik” relationships. That alokik life will be there for I am not wearing “2 different masks,” (the lokik and alokik) but I will accommodate, adapt according to the individuals and circumstances.
I recall BapDada asking for that in the last season (2011-2012) BapDada mentioned that we needed to make everything alokik, everything spiritual in our life.

Finally, today’s blessing also mentioned about balance: karma and yoga. Both are One. My yoga feeds my karma and my karma allows me to have better yoga. That is balance.

Best wishes!

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