Observing the self

As I am enjoying my reading on “The Power of Now,” I am finding new things which are becoming very important in my spiritual path.
“Now,” I consider this book by Eckhart Tolle as one of the most important that I have read in my life so far. Hopefully I will finish it…I am not into reading everything from cover to cover, but there are always exceptions to confirm the rule. 🙂

The interesting thing is that I can understand every word that he is describing not at the mental level but because I have experienced what he is describing. This is something “new” for me.
When he mentioned about “being,” immediately the relationship is with the experience of soul consciousness. My realization is that this stage of “being,” which is an experience of “presence” beyond “thoughts” and mental chatter, would be very hard to “maintain” unless great awareness is developed. That is why “inner-observation” is very important.

For most individuals, this will be a gradual increase in awareness of the self. There are many things which need to be “tuned out,” many fears which need to be discovered and many past experiences which need to be forgotten from the heart; as well as forgetting our quest for that “future” which will be our “life-saver,” to escape the “now,” and which allow us to stoically tolerate sufferings hoping that a “near future” will clear all of those issues, magically.

BK gyan, is important here, because of the knowledge of karmic accounts. That state of “being” or “soul consciousness,” will be experienced in greater extent as long as those karmic accounts are settled. This what Mr. Tolle calls:”dropping suffering right now.”

Interestingly enough, very few individuals will be able to do that “right now,” to realize something, for most; it is a matter of time…until the “karmic account” has been settled that is , through suffering most of the time.
BK gyan, give us another avenue, that is the “power of yoga.”

We do not need to do anything to be liberated into soul consciousness or “being.” All we need to is “observe the self.” Watch it. See our own reactions. Find our emotions and see why are they coming out. We need time for that. We need patience and tolerance to understand ourselves. That is the journey, the only journey that has ever existed, but we didn’t know that it was US.

“Being” is not becoming but finding.
To find what?
That is what every single one of us, need to find… 🙂

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