Point in Depth: Being Combined in Spirituality

“The combined state” is another name for being ego-less.

The word combined brings the awareness that there are 2 items which make up a new one.
Here, you have rice and over there spaghetti. You combine them and you have something new, which is the combination of the former 2 ingredients. In the physical world, it would be very difficult to separate those items again. In spirituality, however; it is just a state of being which could be separated, by ego…

The soul is combined with the body. That becomes a “new” item which is a human being believing that “he is a soul,” or believing that “he is a body.” The experience of any of those states is what will dictate our consciousness. We could believe that we are rice or believe that we are spaghetti, but when we are combined, we are something completely different.

A human being has always been combined. That is the experience. The awareness of just being a “soul” is not even awareness for in that state of being “latent,” in the soul world; there is no awareness.

In the Golden age, there is no Deity that will say: “ I am a soul not a body.” That experience of “being,” without names or separations is what is. That is the experience of being wholesome, one with everything. In the Golden age, there is no “subject” that could say: “I wish I was Narayan,” or “How come He is Narayan and I am not,” or “What do I have to do to become Narayan? “ All of those things are “proof” of our mind separating things, creating rupture and allowing ego to rise up.

When Baba mentions to be “combined” for me, it means that “ego” is out, for if “ego” is “in,” I could never be ”combined,” but rather “separated.”

This idea of dividing everything into pieces, presents a bigger problem when we “know” that the 3 “organs” of the soul are the “mind, intellect and sanskara.” Those “organs” are not the soul, we say; we add that “the soul” is the master of all of those organs; Nevertheless without mind, intellect or sanskara there wouldn’t be an awareness of being a “master.” 😉 Paradox.

The soul is pure consciousness. That is it. Mind, intellect and sanskaras are just part of the role. That role made of those “subtle elements” will tend to “degrade” as time goes by. That degradation is the origin of our current state. Part of the Drama. Another role to play. However, “now” we have the chance to “upgrade” those things which have been “degraded.”

God is pure consciousness. In Parandham, there is no functioning “mind, intellect or sanskara.”
This is why, God does not have a “personality.” For a BK, that personality is given by Brahma Baba. His sanskaras, his mind and his intellect are the ones giving God a personality at different times.

Food for thought. Drink for feelings.

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