Question: Why BrahmaKumaris deny sex?

Thank you for your question. 🙂

i don’t believe “denying’ is the right word.
Let me go to the point. In BK gyan (knowledge) Those who have experienced the “Golden age” which means the first 1250 years of the cycle of time; have “sanskaras” (predisposition) of “purity.” (for lack of a better term.)
In other words, those souls have experienced a different degree of “purification” which is based on the experience of soul consciousness.
Sex lust is in the realm of body consciousness.

It should be no “secret” that any major religion promotes celibacy among those closer to their ‘clergy,’ or at least periods of celibacy to “get in tune” with God or the Divine.
Have you ever wondered why?
Simply because “our needs” for sexual gratification unfortunately bring many side effects which are not encouraged in a deep spiritual life.

Let me give you some examples: Diseases, unwanted pregnancy, addiction, violence and let us not forget… lust and attachment. However for many, that is “normal.”

Unfortunately individuals nowadays are not even in tune with the amount of living energy lost in those “recreational” sexual acts (many times without even deep feelings of beauty) and how much out of control their craving becomes which turns easily into an addiction.

For the record, “sex-lust” is not a human need like food and shelter. You can live without sex lust, and as a matter of fact, many human beings live like that in many religions. The question then is:
Why some people cannot live without sex lust? 🙂

Basically, we go back to those “sanskaras” mentioned above. A “golden age” soul has no issues following celibacy. That soul will feel in tune with it. Others, on the other hand may not, and some others may try the “lifestyle” and “fight” to find out later that it is not for them.

Different roles, different “sankaras.” All good.

Therefore, the standards of “Brahma Kumaris” may seem “high” for some or “repressive” for others. However, those are the “normal” standards of a Golden age soul.
As simple as that.

Best wishes!


Note:  Since this article has been accessed many times, please take a look at this website to have a well rounded view of the topic: Avyakt7-NG for Brahma Kumaris readers.



  1. Sandy

    I completely disagreee that ‘sex-lust’ is not among the basic needs of a man.It is essential for our survival unless someone is supressed.People kill for ‘sex’,they die for ‘sex’,they long for ‘sex’.So it may just be the most imp thing in one’s life.It is the purest form of pleasure,nthing can come close to it…not even ‘pure love’.

  2. avyakt7

    Hello Sandy;
    That is fine. Just remember that there is duality and “pure pleasure” sooner or later will turn into “pure pain.” That is the “law” of duality which many seem to forget. Also; this is the time of “variety.” Some have the goal of living for the sake of pleasure. Some have the goal of living for the sake of their children; some others have the goal of living to experience their most “elevated” self. To each one its own.

    Best wishes!

  3. vvrisor

    Once a SOUL understands the GYAN, the FIVE ELEMENTS of this Physical Body & the 5 VIKARAS, the SOUL will set “the GOAL of living to experience their most ‘elevated’ self”.
    Thanks avyakt7 for your elucidation on the subject.
    Om Shanti.

    • avyakt7

      🙂 Short life, long life… quality of life.
      No sex, or having sex …quality of life.
      We are so different but equal.

      Dear brother, no sex means simply no sex. Nothing to add or take away. Doing something or not doing it is not the issue, but BEING is living.
      That is quality of life.

      Best wishes!

  4. Sunny

    Bhog bina Yog Nhi Hota, we can stop sexual desire few times but not whole life, Do sex than start meditation no extra thought come inside ur mind

  5. Rahul joshi

    hi i am rahul.
    @avyakt7 i am not a religious hater. but do to its part of my life i want to question you.
    my gf is belongs to bk’family. she purely belives in it. she dont want to sex with me as she loves me. but she only want to do that because of bk’s rule. can you tell me if we are loves god by faith there is steal need of follow this bloody rules. i can even ready to follow it because of her but it will effects our relationship very badly. can you tell me solution.

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