Comments on Sakar Murli 9-13-12

Essence: Sweet children, race in donating the imperishable jewels of knowledge you receive from the Father,
the Ocean of Knowledge.

Question: What is the main reason for going ahead or staying behind in the rosary?
Answer: Following shrimat. Those who follow shrimat very well claim a number ahead, whereas those who
follow shrimat well today but who, tomorrow, mix the dictates of their own mind with shrimat, because of
the influence of body consciousness, claim a number towards the end. Even though they may have come last,
those who follow shrimat accurately can claim a number ahead.

Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of dawn is not far off.

Essence for dharna:

1. Remain clean and honest with the Father inside and out. If you make a mistake instantly ask for forgiveness.
Do both types of service: physical and spiritual.

2. Don’t engage yourself in thinking about others because of jealousy. If anyone tells you wrong things about
others, then hear but don’t hear. Don’t speak about such things and spoil the hearts of others.

Blessing: May you be one who has the self-respect of being a master bestower and finish the games of making excuses.

Those children who know the game of making excuses will say: “If it weren’t for this, it would not happen like
this! This one did this, the circumstances or the situation was like that…” Now finish this language of making
excuses and make a determined promise: “Whether something is like this or that, I have to become the same
as the Father.” Not that I will become complete when others give their co-operation. Instead of taking in this
way, become a master bestower and give co-operation, love and sympathy for that is to receive. With this
feeling of faith, you will become one who has the self-respect of being a master bestower.

Slogan: When there is disinterest in the feelings of “I” and “mine”, you can then be said to be one who has
unlimited disinterest.


This Murli is about the importance of remembrance to gain our “stage of ascending” and to receive the “inheritance of the Father.”

“The more you stay in remembrance, the more you race ahead.” Then the Murli mentioned that “the Supreme soul is making us soul conscious.” It is important to note that because we are “numberwise,” we attain that soul consciousness in a “numberwise” manner; therefore , there are different degrees of soul consciousness.

The Murli also mentioned that “Deities were not aware of coming down.” This is a very important point, because soul consciousness is the highest type of awareness that we could have, however; we did not realize that things were getting “worse.” How is that?

Because in soul consciousness there is no awareness of comparisons based on the “past.” On the other hand, we thrive and we make our personality based on the past at this time, therefore, we compare what we “are” with what we were before.

Note that “coming down” is part of the Drama. The role supersedes the experience of soul consciousness. That is why I can say that as souls, we are already full of everything we need, including having knowledge. Baba just reminds us what we already know but have forgotten. That is the “rust” in the soul which Baba talks about.

This murli also mentioned when the Golden age starts. It is not when Krishna is born. However, one typical Murli point such as: “ A deity cannot put his foot in this impure world” is out.

Krishna puts his foot in the “impure world” with “impure people” around… Krishna is born in Hell. 🙂

However as a Deity, Krishna cannot experience sorrow. Therefore, even though in “Hell,” Krishna is experiencing “happiness,” thus; he is in the “In-laws” for all practical purposes.

This point, proves that what was shared yesterday about “hell” and “heaven” not being places but experiences is true.

Baba also mentions about the importance of having a “constant and stable stage.” This is the main point and that is attained through our “following Shrimat accurately.”

“The alloy of vices can only be removed with the fire of yoga.” This is a very important point. How is that “fire” ignited? Obviously is not by plain remembrance. There is more to it. In my experience, it deals with depth of feelings beyond thinking. This experience is hard to explain.

Finally, Baba mentions that God can enter anyone and that He can make someone do service.

That is probably why, we use the term “Baba did it.” Something to churn about.

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