It is that time again to talk about Time

What is time?
a watch.
Now, that is deep.

Time is a paradoxical topic. It is one of the most simple but at the same time extremely complex topic.

Quoting the almighty “Wikipedia:” “ Time has long been a major subject of study in religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a manner applicable to all fields without circularity has consistently eluded scholars.” The word “circularity” means that a word being defined is used in its own definition. 🙂
For instance if I define the color “blue” as a “bluish type of color in the optical spectrum.” I am using circularity. What is the issue?
The problem is that I am trying to define something which is undefinable. That is the problem that St. Augustine found: “What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.”

Time from a “scientific view” has been explored here

In this article, I am interested in the psychological implications of time as well as the spiritual ones while having BK knowledge in the background.

We are souls. Time does not exist for souls. Then, how is it possible to be trapped by this “illusion”?
Perhaps we should call that “body consciousness.” As a matter of fact, the psychological effect of time is the biggest body consciousness there is.
Because we believe that “there is a past” and a “future,” we do not live in the present. As Mr. Tolle mentioned, the “Now.” Our personality is built upon the past. Our sense of self-respect comes from it. We compare and remember the past to bring situations of sorrow in our life.

With the future, we bring “fear” in our lives. We want our life to fit a certain pattern so it fits our imagined future. We sacrifice “now” for the “future.” To get the goal is more important than to live life, now. We are more interested in going to the “next song” in the CD of life, rather than fully listening the one song playing now. This is a disease.
The “Drama” clearly shows that there is movie playing. That movie is “time-less.” Why? Because it is eternal.

Time is “created” with “creation of matter.” Time does not exist unless there is the reference of matter.

In BK knowledge we know that matter cannot be created (also scientists are aware of that, but when is about defending Christianity and their own “Evolution” creation tales, then miraculously they forget about the first law of thermodynamics.)

Because the Drama (The movie of life) is eternal, it must be repetitive just because it is cyclical as well. The movie changes at every second. There is no future. There is no past.

If I say “my past” is a second ago. That is not true, for a second ago I was different from who I am now. I am always becoming. To be “accurate” is the role which is different. That role comes with a body and that combination is what give us the sense of psychological time. In other words, I believe to be an unchanging individual with a name representing a body and a particular role to play. I am “somebody.” 🙂
That is the illusion. The only thing unchanging is the soul and there is no sense of time for it. But paradoxically, my consciousness is not related with the soul but with the role and the body.

The paradox is that time does not exist, but yet we have watches, clocks, we talk about the “speed of time,” or doing things “according to time…” etc… All of that points out to that sense of “personality” made up by a role, a body and a name (name and form.) Ego. See the “double talk”?

Now, here comes “my new point in Gyan” Ready?

Ego-less means time-less.

That is my line to fame! You can quote me on that! (Perhaps you heard that before by someone, however; ask them to give you the full explanation…) 🙂

Without time there is no separation, for there is no distance. That is why, for souls there is never a “good bye.”
AND.. because we are “time-less” we can watch the Drama as when you sit down to watch a recorded game of cricket on TV, which will hopefully last no more than 2 hours… or 5000 years… Same thing…

🙂 Food for thought.

Credits: thanks to “Pmmcur” for the picture of the clock.


  1. Mahadeb Datta

    Dear Sweet Brother, eternal topic!!! My lokik mom is completing nearly 80 cycles around the bright star with her vehicle and I made a request to carry on her journey smoothly in relax mood for another minimum 200 cycles in the same vehicle. In the local language the four letter word “TIME” means a three letter word “Sa-ma-y” and she accepted my proposal for another 200 turns by avoiding the use of this meaningless three / four letter word.


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