Comments on Sakar Murli 9-14-12

Essence: Sweet children, at this time everyone’s fortune is spoilt because everyone is impure. You now have to
follow shrimat and awaken everyone’s fortune. Show everyone the way to become pure.

Question: What very bad activity causes a lot of damage?
Answer: To throw stones at one another, that is, to speak bitterly to someone and hurt that person in that way
is very bad; it causes a lot of damage. You children now have to become rup and basant and imbibe good manners.
Only the imperishable jewels of knowledge should constantly emerge from your mouth. Make the soul beautiful
with remembrance and donate the jewels of knowledge that the Father gives you. Speak very sweet words.
Move away from those who speak bitter words.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Essence for dharna:

1. Never keep the company of those who defame you. Don’t defame others or listen to others who do so.
In order to make your intellect divine, donate the jewels of knowledge through your mouth.

2. With the material of knowledge, do the service of changing human beings into deities and thorns into flowers.
Only do the business of benefiting yourself and others.

Blessing: May you have a right to receive love from everyone and God by performing every action in the stage of detachment.

The Father is detached from everyone and is loved by everyone, and it is this detachment that makes Him loved.
The more you become detached from the awareness of your own body, the more loved you will become. Every
now and again, practise entering the body to perform actions and then instantly become detached. By remaining
stable in a stage of such detachment, your actions will be good and you will be loved by the Father and everyone.
To claim a right to God’s love has such huge benefit.

Slogan: When your stock of pure feelings is full, a full stop will be applied to all waste.


This Murli had lots of pieces of advice to behave with ‘good manners.’

Consider this paragraph: “If anyone tells you wrong things, consider that person to be your enemy. Never keep the company of or listen to such ones. Many people defame others. Some have the habit of defaming others. Such ones never say anything good about anyone that could benefit him. Baba always says: Continue to donate jewels of knowledge. Tell others what Baba tells you. “

Consider now, this paragraph from a recent Avyakt Murli

“Consider defamation to be praise and become merciful.”

From Avyakt Murli 9-9-75

“Words of insult of defamation should be experienced as praise. Just as all of you defamed the Father in the copper age but He took that defamation as praise and in return for the defamation you caused, He gave you knowledge, not dislike as a fruit of devotion."

The teachings are a bit different. Here is important to understand “time” and “stage.” It is important to see why there are differences.

I found this paragraph in this Sakar Murli interesting:” You children know that this drama is predestined. It is this that inspires us to make effort. We will definitely make effort. Whatever effort each of you made in the previous cycle according to shrimat, you are doing exactly the same now in order to reform everything of yours. “

Most souls who do not understand “predestination” (for lack of a better word, for it really is not the right translation) feels that they “shouldn’t do anything for things are predestined.” Here, Baba is saying the opposite. That should be a source of inspiration.

Another interesting point is this one:” When people see your pictures and how you have made the kalpa tree with duration of 5000 years, they say that all of that is your imagination.”

Now, we can say that it should be no problem in explaining the why’s and how’s of the cycle of time. The only “proof” that we have of a 5000 year cycle is the current population. If in fact, we had lived hundreds of thousands of years ago; as science manifests; then our population couldn’t be only 7 billion people as they want us to believe, if we look at the trend of population in the last 300 years. Therefore, this is no longer “our” imagination.

I liked the blessing about being “detached.” Detachment is not something to “work on” it is something that appears when there is awareness of our own eternity and the eternity of this Drama. That is part of the experience of not being this body as Baba mentions. The experience has to be there for understanding beyond the intellectual mind, appears.


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