Question: Could you please write a short commentary on ‘meditating’…….the Link with the Supreme Soul. Thank you.

Alright… here it goes…very short… 🙂

The link with the Supreme Soul

When remembering the Supreme Soul with love,
That passion manifests itself.

It becomes clear as a picture;
it takes away thoughts fleeting by
the soul is finally experienced
only through the third eye

Depth of feelings color the self with beauty
intensity of vibrations become pure fire
to forget everything else becomes a duty
ego escapes but is caught in ire

That fervency burns the heart
To remain in that love is to immolate the past
newness is born out of those ashes
purification in this love, happens very fast

Cooling the self at the end
is meeting a new-found friend
for love to the Supreme burns
but cools the self in turn

Best wishes!


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