Speaking my mind

Can I speak my mind?
look at the sky and see the stars standing by
that void space in between is what I have inside
ever aimlessly in search for a bit of sunshine

Breathing is mechanical just like sneezing
thinking is compulsory, somehow as eating
but feeling is my life without doubt
it is my compass showing me the route

Trapped in math, science and accounting
the world condemns me to a slow drowning
computers, taxes and great business deals
starve me from nourishing spiritual meals

Poetry, philosophy and dancing are truly enlightenment
but in this world of research, facts and opinions
to feel and muse free without earning
is left for evil creatures equal to vermin

Play is for children
war, for grown ups
what is the sense of living
if life is already made up?

Do you have time for such thinking?
or do you prefer drinking?
how about if we just tune out
and forget about unsettling doubts?

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