Comments on Sakar Murli 10-1-12

Essence: Sweet children, imbibe the Father’s teachings and become virtuous flowers. You have received the enlightenment
of knowledge. Therefore, remain constantly cheerful.

Question: What deep and entertaining things about you children do people become confused about when they hear them?
Answer: 1) You say: We are now the decoration of the Brahmin clan, the spinners of the discus of self-realisation. We are
those who blow the conch shell of knowledge. We are trinetri and trikaldarshi. All the ornaments given to the deities
actually belong to us. When people hear these things, they become confused. 2) You say: The knowledge that the Father
is giving us through this one’s mouth is the blowing of the conch shell. It is through this that we are becoming deities from
human beings. This is called the murli; it is not a wooden flute. These are very deep and entertaining things that people
find difficult to understand.

Song: This is the spring to forget the world.

Essence for dharna:

1. Constantly stay under the shower of knowledge. Become a spiritual guide and show everyone the path.
Only let jewels of knowledge emerge from your mouth.

2. Churn the ocean of knowledge, remain constantly cheerful, mature, have a broad intellect, experience happiness
and enable others to do the same.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who puts a full stop to any situation and thereby finishes it.

The essence of all the points is to become a point. Remain stable in the point form and the queue of question marks will end.
Whenever there is a question mark in any situation, simply put a full stop. The easy slogan to put a full stop is: Whatever
happened, whatever is happening and whatever is to happen will be good because the confluence age is the best of all.
When you say “good”, everything becomes good and, through this, you will continue to experience the life of an easy yogi.

Slogan: Love is the easy method for remembrance. To become merged in love means to be an easy yogi.

In this Murli Baba was going through some of the terminology which makes this knowledge unique, while using the devotional examples. (trilokinath, trikaldarshi, swadarshanchakradhari, trinetri.)

For instance,"The ornaments of the Deities (meaning Vishnu) belong to us now. "
Baba was referring about the significance of blowing the "conch shell." Note that in devotion the significance of knowledge was compared against devotional practices to find the "true" meaning of those practices. Knowledge by itself does not require this; thereby, this is more a cultural trait.

I am bringing this up, because for a long time there was this belief that there were these 3 deities up there in the subtle region and even now, I have seen pictures portraying them. Those subtle deities are essential in Hinduism, but they have a different meaning when looking at "knowledge raw." Those subtle deities basically mean the processes in the world/matter such as creation, sustenance and destruction. That is it, which in devotion is known as the "3 acts of God," or even further, that "God acts through those Deities." That when referred to our own state of consciousness is used as :"Brahma becomes Vishnu and Vishnu becomes Brahma. It takes 5000 years for Vishnu to become Brahma, but only a second for Brahma to become Vishnu."
I’d like to add; in "that second, there is Shankar." 🙂

Baba was making a point about "imbibing virtues to become flowers." Using the same example as yesterday’s avyakt Murli.
"Through knowledge we become flowers according to effort in a numberwise manner." "The tree of thorns become a tree of flowers through knowledge."

Baba also mentioned the concept of "numberwise." "It is numberwise even in the impure world." As we know, "numberwise" is a concept which takes away a lot of our previous understanding on how the world works. We have different capacity, different understanding, different roles, different karma; but yet we strongly believe that "fairness" means to give everyone the same. We believe in "equality," we believe in the same opportunities for everyone. As mentioned before, that is "utopia."
Therefore, "it cannot be 84 births for everyone," as Baba mentioned. Moreover, Baba mentioned: " The Father gives so many jewels but it is not in the fortune of some children." That is "numberwise." Because of this, Baba in a wise manner mentioned: " You have to create methods for your own progress."

Finally, Baba mentioned that this knowledge cannot be given in "one day," meaning that there was a progress according to the understanding of souls. Accordingly, "If you understand these things but you do not speak about them, what is the value of it?"
The elements necessary to "speak about this knowledge," could be: "Constantly cheerful, mature and a broad intellect in knowledge."
Something to "think" about.

The blessing is related with the slogan today and also with the sharing from yesterday about "karma yoga."
Out of so many points in gyan, the main point is "to become a point." Love is the easy method for remembrance. The feeling of love must be present in our hearts while walking and moving around. That feeling is called "love, happiness, bliss, etc. " Many names, one experience. When we have that constantly, we are in soul consciousness and therefore, in remembrance.
God consciousness triggers soul consciousness for a BK soul.

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