Comments on Sakar Murli 10-2-12

Essence: Sweet children, you are spiritual warriors. You have received very big bombs of knowledge with
which you have to conquer Maya, the enemy.

Question: By understanding which secret have you become carefree emperors?
Answer: By understanding the secret of the whole drama, you have become carefree emperors. You know
that you are now settling your old karmic accounts and filling your aprons with knowledge and yoga for
21 births. You are Shiv Baba’s grandchildren and the children of Brahma Baba. So, what is there for
you to worry about?

Song: Having awakened my fortune, I have come.

Essence for dharna:

1. Listen to the murli at amrit vela and then repeat the points. Definitely take notes from the murli.
In order to remain happy, do the service of making others equal to yourself.

2. In order to climb Father Brahma’s heart, become powerful in knowledge and yoga. Pass with number
one and claim a scholarship.

Blessing: May you remain constantly happy with the awareness of your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune
and share that happiness and thereby become an easy yogi.

The confluence age is the age of happiness and the age of pleasure, and so constantly remain in pleasure
and continue to share that happiness. Always remember your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune. The
awareness that you have found the Father and so found everything will make you an easy yogi. People
of the world say that you cannot find God without suffering, whereas you say that you have found the
Father while sitting at home, that you have found what you never even thought of. You have found the
Ocean of Happiness. Constantly stay in this happiness. This is easy yoga.

Slogan: Those who do everything with cleanliness and in the right way are true and real Brahmins.


This Murli is in a way a continuation of yesterday’s thoughts, to “blow the conch shell of knowledge,” but today the analogy is to “drop the bombs of knowledge,” to conquer “Ravan” the enemy.

Also, Baba spent some time reminding us about being aware of our fortune for “21 births,” and to look at things from an “unlimited” perspective. This is also today’s blessing: ”To share that happiness with others.”

“Do all your work and keep Baba in your intellect.” “We are claiming our fortune through the power of yoga,” but yet; “by occupying yourself in service, you will never starve to death.” In other words, see the unlimited future, but take care of your present at the same time. Balance. 🙂

One of the issues to be aware of Sakar Murlis is that the type of advice given to the children at that time was according to their capacity to understand. For instance: “Those who say Baba, Baba throughout the day, will be considered to be knowledgeable.” Let us be aware that being knowledgeable is a practical matter, it is different than to recite literally “what Baba said,” without practical understanding.

Another point along the same lines, is the advice to “study at Amrit Vela.” I have seen some souls reading Murlis during Amrit Vela time. Is this “good or bad”? 🙂 Are they “obedient”?

Baba has said that “Amrit vela” is for remembrance, but now He says that it is to study… 😉

How do you solve this apparent contradiction? 🙂

There are a couple of ways to interpret this:

1) For those who it is hard to remain awake during Amrit vela meditation, probably to study the Murli will increase their “income” rather than dozing off playing “sweet silence.”

2) “Amrit vela” time is from 1 or 2 AM until 5 AM. Therefore, there is time to practice remembrance and to study.

The choice is yours. It is all according to capacity.

Baba gave the advice to “take notes” when hearing the Murli. A good practice “if” you go back and read them. If you share those points, it is more likely that you will remember them. That is why, I encourage souls to share their points here. However, the important aspect is to imbibe them, as we know.

Baba also discussed the issue with “visions.” He mentioned that “visions are given so you can understand what you will become.” That is interesting indeed, for the thought could be; “well, if this is what I will become, then; why do I need to make any effort?” Baba also mentioned that “No one can do more effort than Baba and Mama.”

🙂 Then… as we are thinking about this question, Baba mentions: “The Drama inspires you to make effort.”

In other Murlis, Baba has mentioned that it is “Baba the one inspiring us to make effort.” Thus, it is the Drama, Baba or both? 🙂

What is the meaning of saying “The Drama is inspiring you,” Is the Drama a “person”? Brothers and Sisters, it is all in the role already. Feel that. Be aware of that.

Last, one point which I thought should be important to “churn about.”

Baba mentioned: “This knowledge is about heaven and hell. Those who are in heaven will go to hell.” 🙂

Therefore, If souls do not “go to heaven,” why should they experience hell? 🙂

That is why, we need to revise that “heaven” and “hell” are not places but states of consciousness according to time.

Food for thought.

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