Question: Darwinian Evolution talks of natural selection as a precursor for human society and science denies that the universe exists due to Intelligent Design as then a “god” who designed such a creation will himself be the creation of some designer. Creationism is a religious or scriptural concept across the world to explain many of the aspects of the universe which fall beyond the purview of human understanding. In light of the above, can you please explain what is the nature of God? When and how did his role or name enter the drama?Please explain on the basis of knowledge not based on brahmakumari gyan. Thanks and regards,

Thank you for your question!

Interesting question as you are asking me to answer “based on knowledge and not BK knowledge.” Paradoxical, for BK knowledge is ….knowledge.
I gather that you would like me to explain based on “scientific knowledge,” or using logical, rational answers or based on mainstream “theories.” Right? Perhaps adding a couple of traditional models which explain God and how He came into being.

Let me “unleash myself,” for the sake of “freedom,” and bear with me on this large bit of explanations.
So let me start from the beginning, to answer your question at the end… 🙂

From my perspective, the first law of conservation of matter/energy is the “kernel” of knowledge.
After all, it is a “law,” proven, tested and anointed.

That is: “Matter cannot be created, neither destroyed. It can only be transformed.” Logically, neither “creationism” is following this premise; nor “evolution” through the theory of the “Big Bang.” Why? Simply because there cannot be “creation” as something existing out of nothing.
Therefore, it is illogical to believe that ‘God’ can create matter out of nothing, or that an explosion happening millions of years ago; occurred ‘out of nothing.’ Simply irrational under “scientific premises.”

Therefore, under these premises; all religious thoughts or philosophies which believe in a God “creating” things are simply flawed. Likewise, all theories believing that things “started” in a random fashion through an explosion; are flawed. There is neither logic nor reason in those arguments when a scientific “law” is used.
Therefore, the cycle of time is the logical answer for things have always existed. There was no creation there.

In this cycle, matter continuously “transforms” into something else and thereby, it is eternal. However that transformation is bound to repeat at one time just because matter is finite. There cannot be “infinite” transformations out of “finite” matter. (It is finite because I cannot create more matter out of nothing than what already exists.)
Even though there is “time” in the world cycle, because matter transforms through ‘time,’ in reality TIME DOES NOT EXIST. This is the greatest paradox of all. The existence of time does not depend on “time itself” but on our experience of it based on our consciousness.

Time does not exist because we are basically “non- material beings” – souls when we are in that consciousness. How do I know that? Because If I know that there is a repetitive cycle of time, then, I have existed in between (before and after this life) someplace. How do I know that I must have existed someplace? Because everything that exists is eternal, for according to that scientific “law” nothing can be destroyed; but only transformed. Therefore, I will change my “form” into something else. That is known as “reincarnation.” That change occurs through simple “cause and effect.”

Even though, you have asked me not to use BK knowledge into this, I hope that you see that it is necessary to use it in order to answer questions that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to through “traditional” knowledge.

So far, so good? So where is God in all of this? So far, there is no need for God, for non-created existence recycles itself (transforms) just because it is eternal, it cannot be destroyed. That is all inclusive in what is known as the Drama.

However, human beings have “moral standards,” a sense of what is ‘good,’ and what is not. That is coming from the “spiritual” side of the human being. That morality is the lowest form of spirituality. When we lose spirituality, all we have left is “morality.”

The representation of those higher standards, of the highest elevation that a being could achieve is represented by a name, that is: “God.” That is why in BK knowledge as well as in many other religions; we know that once that natural “goodness” disappeared, God “appeared” (through religious founders) as a reminder of our highest form.

That is why for many, God implies a concept, a necessary concept to live by. When God is “humanized,” then God has anger, God punishes, God has favorites, God is continually doing things in the world, giving commandments and “moralizing” people.

Believe it or not, this is something which BK knowledge clearly explains. “Roles” are running through us; that is the way the Drama “transforms.” We are eternal. Everything is eternal.
In this transformation from lower entropy to higher entropy or from low population to high population, as we know; low population will appear again in “time.”
The logical question is: Where all of those other people went when the population is lower?

The soul world. Many religions explain about the soul world, but none of them gives the “necessity of it” in a logical, reasonable way; The exception being through BK knowledge.

This is just a background information of “knowledge.” Now, closer to answering your questions…. 🙂

To make this shorter; Humanity knows about God through personal experiences but those experiences are just that, “experiences.” But to know more about who is God and what He does; is a different story.
We know about God through a religious founder. Christians know God through the teachings of Christ. BKs, know God through Brahma Baba. Interestingly enough, in today’s Murli (10/2/12) we can read this: “Baba says: Your sins will automatically be absolved with the fire of yoga. I don’t do anything.” (meaning that God does not absolve sins, meaning that God does not absolve karmic accounts, we do it through yoga and God is not needed to be here in the physical world for that.)

God does not do anything. But God is that model of “purity” which we can use at this time to go back into our next “natural” role which is “soul consciousness.”
Other souls do not require this “soul consciousness” thus; they perceive God under a different perspective. That perception is neither “right nor wrong,” but just necessary according to time.
Therefore, to answer your question, God has never entered this Drama. Human beings have experienced different things and those divine experiences (in their roles) have strengthened their belief systems. Human beings have made God to enter this Drama, when He is beyond… a point of light, the ideal of constant purity and bliss.

That is why God is not a belief, but an experience. Therefore, God’s nature is your own experience of Him.
If you haven’t had an experience with God; then that is your experience of God, as well. That is why we have so many religions and so many ”isms” but paradoxically; if you understand this knowledge, you have an experience of God; which is the type of experience (gyan) that could change your life at this time.


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