Question: A student of Buddhism asked me if Brahma Kumaris teach the “process of dying”. I was not sure from which aspect to reply. Can you please throw some light on it – ‘process of dying” I don’t think the student meant BK’s ‘dying alive’. Thank you.

Thank you for your question!
Here is a good link that I found about it.
Typically the thought is that “the purpose of life is to learn to die.” Buddhist may imply that as well as Plato did through Socrates when he mentioned something similar, If I recall correctly.

Here is another link of the “average” person’s view on death; note the “tragic” statement about it.

No, in Brahma Kumaris, there is no teaching on the “process of dying,” but rather on the “process of living,” for as we know, “existence is all that exists.” 🙂 That is why we talk about “leaving the body,” rather than “terminating, finishing a precious life sparkle through the unforgiving claws of death.” 🙂

Paradoxically, In Brahma Kumaris there is mentioning about “dying alive,” meaning transforming the self now as if we had a new life in a new body. However, that process cannot be taught. It has to be experienced.

Death is non-existent when we are looking at life from the “unlimited,” when we know that every role is eternal and repetitive, when we know about our own immortality. Therefore, Why teach about something which does not exist?

The experience of soul consciousness and being body-less is the practical re-assurance, that everyone is looking for but rather settle for just simple talks and more words about “acceptance of death.”

Best wishes!

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