Discovering Soul Consciousness

I decided to make “soul consciousness” my “new adventure.” 🙂

Why is soul consciousness so important?
Because soul consciousness will take us away from the “roller coaster” of duality tinted with pain and pleasure, happiness and sorrow and the incredible amount of “thoughtless thoughts” which create diseases, stress, anxiety and mood swings related with the influence of the vices (ego et all) in the self and most important for me, we will be free from the tyranny of time. As far as living in the past through thoughts/day dreaming or having an anxiety of wanting to control our future. That is why “soul consciousness” is important.

Therefore, I will be sharing what I can find out of personal experience.
Here I go:

As I sat down for a little break at work, I was conscious on the importance of doing “nothing.” Just sitting there, relaxing. That is why we have breaks!
At that point I was able to observe thoughts. Some of them came very quickly to replace others. The ones that I usually forget, are the first ones in my awareness of the moment, if those thoughts are replaced by other thoughts quickly then my attention went into the later ones.

Therefore, I learned to “slow down” my thoughts. How do I do that?

By just doing nothing and being relaxed. Breath in and out a couple of times. Welcome to “meditation 101.”
That cool , relaxed state, is what is increasingly hard to maintain as faster thoughts come into the mind.
The phone rings, an email comes in, someone pops up, I feel hungry, etc. All of those things take me away from my “center,” that is; my “easy going,” relaxed attitude.
Then I learned my first principle of soul consciousness.

If for whatever reason something from the outside changes my feelings or attitude inside; I am not in soul consciousness.
Why? Because soul consciousness is experienced as “peace,” or “bliss.” Being away from that, is not soul consciousness. Even if it is boredom or a bit of frustration.
This discovery has nothing to do with knowing the form and size of a soul, it has to do with the experience of the soul and to “extrapolate” that experience into anything that “I do.” (karma yoga)
Then, I started eating. I was aware of how different flavors influence me. Ate the salad quickly, produced some fast thoughts as well. I do not care much for a salad, especially if “raw,” but “it is good for you.”

However, I took my time with the pasta. I enjoyed and produced slow thoughts as I took the time to taste it fully. What is the lesson?
Flavors can influence my state of being. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a particular dish, the issue is when I let that influence my stage. Flavor or non-flavor, we need to have the experience but remain stable. That is to go over duality.

Then, I looked at the mirror. I saw my face. I saw some wrinkles. That changed my thoughts. My imagination came to “solve the problem.” Within a second, many thoughts came up to try to resolve the issue. The thing is, if that discovery affected my “state of being.” If it did, that is not soul consciousness.

You see, for so long, the version of “Soul consciousness,” that I heard was: “Do not care on how your face looks like.” “Don’t care what you wear for clothes,” “be soul conscious.” 🙂
That actually is not soul consciousness but carelessness. Soul consciousness is a constant state not a matter of decisions according to “toughness,” to deny something, such as the body.
Soul consciousness does not deny, it embraces.
Shall continue….

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