Question: BKs say that all four yugs combined are of 5000 years. Then in which yug were dinosaurs? I am really curious to know.

🙂 Thank you for your question…

So we are back into “dino” question.
Have you seen a dinosaur? Why do you believe in them? Is that a new religion? 🙂
Personally, I haven’t seen one, and as mentioned before, here. my position is of “dino-agnosticism.”

If you have the disposition, you may want to read this which is what I have written about before.

Do you wonder why I take the “dino-agnostic” view on dinosaurs?

Simply because, if you believe like scientists that humans have existed in “linear time” for 500000 to 1 million years ago; that is not logically possible according to the graph in this post ( World population from 1800 to 2100, based on UN 2004 projections and US Census Bureau historical estimates;) for our rate of population should be way higher than what it is right now. That is a “faulty theory,” lacking reasoning and logic. Therefore, If scientists have problems with the origin of our own species and are miscalculating our rate of population, Why should I feel comfortable with their “evidence” of dinos living 65 million years ago? You see my logic? 🙂

If dinosaurs have in fact existed, then it had to be in a time where all continents were present on the Earth (If you follow BK knowledge that could happen between the copper age and the end of the confluence age) Why? Because accordingly, dinosaurs bones have been found everywhere, including in India. Now let me ask you a few questions:
In which continent a T-Rex originated? How do they migrated from continent to continent? why do they became extinct even if living in different continents? AND….how exactly humans appeared when at the time these monsters were living there were no humans alive? 🙂 I am curious to hear that!

So here is a link which explains that dinosaurs exist even now.

Also, let me tell you that I have my own little theory of “Dinos,” how do they appeared and disappeared and in which time period… but BK gyan does not explain about it neither the Bhagavad Gita, nor the Bible… so I will save you from reading that..unless you want to… 🙂 Hey! Everyone has the right to have their own theory! Followers are wanted. 🙂

So, I go back to the beginning and ask: Have you seen a dino recently? Are any of the Indian scriptures talking about them? Or this is just a recent “foreigner import” just like the UFOs?

Best wishes,


  1. Eva Szauter

    Dear brother , happy greetings . Many – many thanks for your knowledge and it is greatly appreciated for sharing with us . I enjoy reading them every day . Your gems are highly invaluable .

    Could you please share your own opinion regarding dino. Not particular important , just would like to know . Many – many good wishes and kindest gratitude ; eva


    • avyakt7

      Dear soul,
      The time when they probably had existed, (if they ever did) is after the nuclear war before the Golden age, through “mutation” of the current animals, specially reptiles.This could explain why we do not have “historical accounts” (books) but we have just mythological references which were exploited by evolutionists (“Researchers” started finding dinosaurs after the theory of evolution became popular) to “prove” their theory. However, no one knows how they appeared, nor how they became extinct, nor how human beings appeared on Earth after the dinos. Their theory is that this thing called an “ameba” emerged from the ocean, then became a reptile and then a mammal to magically evolve into a human being…:-) of course after millions of years.
      That is a great story for kids!

      This is my theory in a nutshell, which is probably shared by many BKs already… Just a theory, another assumption, another idea… 🙂

      Best wishes!


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