Question: BKs say that the stories we know about mahabharat, geeta gyaan, ramayana etc were given by humans and were imaginary stories. So they are all wrong. But may I ask that this gyaan by BKs also started from a human being – Dada Lekhraj. Wasn’t he a human being in kalyug? So why should he be believed and rest all historians be considered liars or people who made imaginary stories and spread them?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul, You know that I am a BK, right? I do not recall saying that. So for the sake of accuracy, let me change your question to a: “Some BKs say…” which still there is no “proof about it,” but let me go along with that.. 🙂

I can tell you what the Murli says but no “some BKs”: “the truth in scriptures is like a pinch of salt in a sack full of flour.” Notice that something like:”They are liars” is not being stated.
All religions believe that their “stories, believes, etc.” are from divine origin. The same is from the BK perspective. Obviously, if you are not a BK, you will not feel the same. That is understood.

However, why should we believe “intellectual human beings” known as “historians,” when it is well known that history has been misrepresented many times? After all, those historians are “kaliyug” human beings, right? What assures me that they are saying the truth?
Nothing but just a belief in their expertise. That is all. Another belief… 🙂

You want “proof”? Some links below for you.,blogs,forums/neglected-misrepresented-forgotten-facts-of-history.htm

Best wishes!

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