Comments on Sakar Murli 10-6-12

Essence: Sweet children, the Father, the Innocent Lord, is the only One who fills your aprons with
jewels of knowledge. He alone is the Seed of the kalpa tree. He cannot be compared to anyone else.

Question: How and why do many children try to deceive the Father?
Answer: Because of not recognising the Father accurately, they make mistakes and then hide
them. They don’t tell Baba the truth. They secretly sit in the gathering. They don’t realize that
Dharamraj Baba knows everything. To tell the true Baba the truth is also the way to reduce punishment.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Essence for dharna:
1. Surrender everything you have to the Father and follow shrimat fully. Do not perform any
bad action and then hide it. By telling the truth to the judge, your punishment is reduced.
2. Never sulk with the Father. Become serviceable. You yourself have to cut your bondages of karma.

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who experiences something new every day in all four subjects.
Newness in knowledge means to move along being sensible, that is, to continue to finish the
weaknesses that are within you. Newness in experimentation of yoga means to increase its percentage.
In the same way, to experience newness in all four subjects, newness in your self-progress, newness
in the methods, newness in your experimentation, newness in service, newness in making others
into easy yogis and to experience newness in increasing the percentage means to be an intense
effort-maker. It is through this that you will experience closeness.

Slogan: The authority of purity is the greatest personality of all.

In this Short Murli, we have lots of information about Shiva:

He is the seed of the kalpa tree (cycle of time)
He is the Creator and the rest the creation
He is called the Supreme Soul because He resides in the Supreme abode
If He was larger, He wouldn’t fit in Brahma Baba’s body 🙂
Shiva does not have a part in the Golden and Silver ages, His part starts in the Copper age
Shiva purifies the impure, that is why He entered Brahma and not a sage or saint
Shiva fulfills the desire of devotion
He has come to give you the fortune of your Kingdom.

I feel that it is important to look at that information through the “glasses” of “pure gyan.” Why? because that is how we could separate devotion and information for children’s intellect from the one which is related with “pure” gyan.
Let me go over some of them.

Let us see that “being the seed of the Kalpa tree” is not related with an “incorporeal entity.” The Kalpa tree is corporeal. The same with being the “Creator.” There is nothing that God can create in the corporeal world. That should be an important point to remember in gyan. Note that the name “Supreme soul” is related with His place of residence. Every soul resides there as well, some longer “time” than others, but for God; that is His permanent abode.
Note that Shiva’s part started in the “Copper age.” Religions were founded at that time. People had experiences of God as well, so how can we say that those religions do not “know God”? God is not related with “parrot knowledge.” It is not a question of saying that “He is a point of light residing in “Parandham” (Soul World) and to sing His “praise” as the ocean of different virtues.

The point is to experience God. That is not “intellectual” stuff which does not do anything in spirituality. Therefore, the experience of God has manifested through other religions since the “copper” age. This point is important for it takes care of the usual view that :”we are the only ones who know God.” That is not so. It is a numberwise issue as well, even among BKs.

Shiva, God “entered” Brahma just because Brahma Baba is the founder of the Brahmin clan. In the “iron age” everyone is “impure.”

God, Shiva, “has come” to give us knowledge. Through the understanding and imbibing of that knowledge is how the “kingdom” appears, through the law of karma.
Then, Baba mentions about not “hiding” anything from the Father, for He knows already and by telling the truth our punishment will be diminished.

Here this is just plain “law of karma.” There is really nothing about God “doing something,” as “punishing his children,” for not telling the truth.  Obviously, confession means understanding of an error and that in itself is the beginning of making things right again.

The Drama is already in place. Nothing to add to it. “A Kingdom is being established.” All actors are needed according to time.

I liked the blessing which relates the concept of “newness.” Newness in the 4 subjects is important to maintain that zeal and enthusiasm. Let us not be afraid of experimenting, for that is one way to learn and experience. By increasing that “newness” is how we become “intense effort makers,” BapDada mentioned.

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