Question: Dear brother, a question about the “lokik”. Some years ago I concluded that though life at the centre (I had several stays as a sevadhari at several centres for about 6 weeks) brought me many good things and beautiful experiences, apparently it was my part to live my everyday life in the “lokik world”. Because it was there that it became more and more easy to function. Appreciation, interesting assignments in the educational field, etc. By now I come up with all sorts of new projects and they really are “always” welcomed and accepted. This easiness I am not completely accustomed to, in the old days I learned that we had to struggle through life! So this makes me wonder: am I doing the right thing? Of course loving Baba’s knowledge and practicing soul consciousness has its effects on everything I do without me noticing it directly, but sometimes I wonder if I am loosing myself too much in ordinary activities. (I see not too many possible BK alternatives, living where I am right now). Besides: I need the finances (living a very simple life)!

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question!
Life does not have to be a struggle. Enjoy life whether it is “perceived” as a struggle or not. That enjoyment is the “trademark” of a detached observer. Many BKs consider that living in a “center” is “arriving” at the highest place you could be in this spiritual life. I do not agree with that.

The “place” is immaterial. what matters is your stage, but at the same time, every soul needs to be able to feel what their role is calling for. If you feel at ease now and feel happy, that is great! BUT, if at the same time you have these nagging thoughts that you should be “doing something else” with your spiritual life, that means that you should.

Learning to sustain yourself with spirituality takes a lot more effort than living in a center where things are more supportive. By yourself, there is no one checking on you if you woke up for amrit vela or not. No one to check if you are eating the right food and if you are “doing service.”

Being around BKs is an important source of sustenance, so if you feel that perhaps it is the time to dedicate yourself more into “outlined” BK traditional avenues to fulfill your spiritual needs, by all means do so.
That is not the only way. I found this blog is helping me enormously in my spiritual sustenance. “I found” this avenue which is non-traditional. I am sure, you could find your own if necessary.

Spirituality is the most important aspect in our life. That is what drives everything else. If you agree with me on this, then you will have your own answer soon. Listen to your heart. 🙂

Best wishes!

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