Question: I have a question for you. I hope this quest of mine can also quench the answer or benefit few other souls as well. I had a predilection for the gyan and bk family precociously though none of my “laukik family” were there in. I completed by under graduation and thereby increasing the intensity of my predilection for “gyan” and “yoga” sensing a lot of change on my “sanskar” . On the other hand my “laukiks becoming more churlish sensing by esoteric and spiritual life style (They are mainly upset by my refusing to marriage proposals) and now i am completely prohibited to meet centre but i am sustaining by all means under the “code of conduct ” and in the intense efforts and serving through mind at best. I am planning the further studies (to another country )honestly but just for the sake of escape from “marrying stuffs”. I really have a pinching thoughts of being unable to visit centre for murli( i read and listen full murli through internet). Another pinching thought that haunts me is my higher studies at this is going to be futile and of no help to yagya :-( ( also may be may be “ego” in me pinches me when few bks claim me to be engulfed by maya due to my absence) Is it justifiable to have such thoughts?

Thank you for your question!

Knowledge teaches us to be self reliant as much as possible. I learned to “cook,” pay my bills and to live alone. For that, I need a job to sustain “my body.” The quality of that job depends on your studies as you know. There are many ways to serve the “yagya” if that is your concern. It doesn’t have to be by following 1950s patterns and traditions.

If you are still at home and living with your parents, I would recommend that it is necessary to respect the rules of the house.
As you mentioned, you are practicing the “code of conduct” and that is great. That is your own practice and it seems that your relatives respect that. Great!
Please do not put yourself in a situation that you may regret. It is very important to keep good relationship with your “lokiks” (relatives) and at the same time to respect your own values. That is a balancing act when you live with others.

A spiritual life style is to live in harmony.
If you do not want to get married, that is your choice. To obligate you to do so is violence. If you can hear the Murli through internet, that is good news! It seems like life is teaching you to be self reliant, to learn to protect and respect your chosen spiritual life style. You are doing good! 🙂
Your spiritual responsibility is for yourself. If other BKs feel different or have different opinions about your doings, that is their issue. Baba’s teaching is:”Don’t look at others.”

Be patient, have tolerance and wait for the right moment to move on. Don’t do anything out of compulsion or sudden emotions of the day. Being with God, is not to be in a physical place. It is a state of consciousness.

Every day is different and we feel different, but you will know that this (Brahmin life) is your “true” call in life when despite the obstacles you have been able to “survive.” Life will offer you avenues, be alert to see them and courageous to take them at the right time.

Best wishes!

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