Comments on Sakar Murli 10-8-12

Essence: Sweet children, remember with great happiness the Father who makes your life like a diamond
and the rust will be removed.

Question: Who will become beads of the rosary and what is the effort required for that?
Answer: Those who do not remember anything at the end will become beads of the rosary. Such children
who reach their karmateet stage will become beads of the rosary. Those who are wealthy and have many
factories etc. have to forget all of those. There should be no attachment to anyone and no consciousness
of “mine”. Just consider this one to be your brother (soul). There is only spiritual connection and no
other connection. Only the children who maintain such spiritual connection and forget everything else
can become beads of the rosary.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to claim a high status, remain very peaceful and become sweet. Interact with everyone with love.

2. You have to forget whatever you have surrendered to Baba; it should not be remembered.
Never think that you are giving to Baba.

Blessing: May you be loving to Father Brahma and become merged in his arms and serve as his arms.

The children who are loving to the Father remain constantly merged in the arms of Father Brahma. The arms
of Father Brahma are a means of safety for you children. Those who are loving and lovely are always in the arms.
In service you are BapDada’s arms and you stay in the Father’s arms. Experience both these scenes: Sometimes
become merged in the arms and sometimes serve as the arms. Have the intoxication of being God’s right hands.

Slogan: The speciality of contentment and happiness gives you the experience of the flying stage.


This Murli was about remembrance. “First consider yourself to be a soul and then remember the Father.” “Don’t remember the physical,” “If you have anything as yours, you will definitely remember it. Don’t consider anything to be yours.” “Remember with great happiness the Father, for He has created your fortune.”

These phrases need to be looked at with previous churning based on “pure gyan” to be able to find deep knowledge.

As BapDada mentioned in yesterday’s avyakt Murli, the “seed” of this knowledge is to answer the question: Who am I? That is the puzzle. Note that BapDada didn’t say: “Who the "true" God is,” but Who we are? We know that we are souls, without that experience, true lasting change in the self will not be possible, for everything else is superficial change. Yes, it is better to have some change than nothing, but it will be “short lived.” That is how important the experience of soul consciousness is, that is to experience the soul, the point.

We cannot “practice” how “not to remember something.” 🙂 when our consciousness moves to something more meaningful, which has been experienced, automatically we will forget the physical. But as all experiences, we will forget and go back to the physical, unless we "feed" ourselves constantly with soul consciousness.

Also, our karmic bondages will be arising until we become “karmateet;” (settling karmic accounts) but that increased intensity to attain that state of “not remembering anything physical,” is through soul consciousness.

Baba mentioned that “it is as if the Drama is inspiring you to make effort. That (Drama) is eternally predestined.” That is exactly my feeling. Our “efforts” and the Drama are just one and the same. Call it with different names, if it is in the role, in the capacity of the soul; then it will happen. This one is one of the deepest points in gyan, which cannot be understood at the intellectual level, but it is understood when we experience it in our own life.

This Murli had a very good point to “remember” all the time when doing “service.” It mentioned: "You consider them to be wrong; They have their own religion, so they consider you to be wrong.”

There is no point in discussing which one is the “true” religion or the “true” God or the “true” knowledge. “Pure Gyan,” explains that every soul already comes “wired” with a particular religion. That will be their understanding. The same with the “concepts” of God. Every soul has already “fixed” certain concepts or experiences which will be unfolded through other people or through life itself. The problem is when some of us would like to “control” the Drama and have a particular “agenda” to “convert” souls into the “true” path. Yes, perhaps you heard that a "Golden castle" is waiting for you in the Golden age full with subjects to keep controlling; but please, let us “grow up,” and see that service cannot happen unless our agenda to be “Someone” in the Golden age or even now, is completely dropped. That is why, Ego is the first and only thing that needs to be out of our path. That is the source of all the other vices.

Baba mentioned that “your status now is much higher than in the Golden age.” So, let us not be deceived by the “Golden castle,” when we still have ego now; but nevertheless, as Baba said, still our status is “higher.” 🙂

Time to discern “ teachings for small children” which have the aim to procure zeal and enthusiasm in children; and spiritual knowledge in the Murlis, which is universal, which is unlimited; and to me that is what “pure gyan,” entails.

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