Comments on Sakar Murli 10-9-12

Essence: Sweet children, Maya creates obstacles in yoga, not in knowledge. Unless there is yoga, the study cannot be imbibed.
This is why you should make effort to stay in as much yoga as possible.

Question: Through which method does Baba uplift the children who have fallen?
Answer: Baba praises those children in class and gives them a lot of love and courage: Child, you are very good. You can
become a Ganges of knowledge. You are going to become a master of the world. I have come to give you the sovereignty free
of charge. Why are you not claiming it? Are there the omens of Rahu over you? Study the murli and stay in yoga and the
eclipse will be removed. When the children are encouraged in this way, they become engaged in remembrance and the study
once again. The omens of many children are removed in this way.

Song: The Resident of the faraway land has come to the foreign land.

Essence for dharna:

1. Forget the relations of the body and consider yourself to be a soul alone. Surrender yourself to the Father completely.
You mustn’t be afraid.

2. In order to become free from the punishment of Dharamraj, don’t leave till tomorrow what you can do today.
Continue to take blessings from the Father on the basis of study.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who experiences the stage of liberation-in-life with the method of just, “I and my Baba”.

To become a Brahmin means to be liberated from the bondages of the body, relations and facilities. Relationships with
relations of the body are not based on the body but are based on the relationship of the soul. If someone is influenced
or controlled by someone else, that is a bondage, but to be a Brahmin means one who is liberated-in-life. While you
have the support of the physical senses, you have to perform action, but you do not have bondage of karma, but
relationship of karma. Those who are liberated in this way are always embodiments of success. The easy method for
this is: “I and my Baba”. This remembrance makes you an easy yogi, an embodiment of success and liberated-in-life.

Slogan: To finish the alloy of “I” and the consciousness of “mine” is to become real gold.


This murli is very interesting and my suggestion would be to churn the points in it again.

Baba mentioned that we need yoga in order to imbibe knowledge. Then he said: “Yoga is easier than knowledge but Maya gives trouble in yoga.” Baba also mentioned that he will give the “old mothers” the yukti to remember the father (manmanabhav) if they do not understand knowledge.

This is one of the interesting aspects of this gyan, if you do not understand knowledge, you are fine. It is all about remembrance (yoga) and this remembrance is the key to imbibe whatever is understood.

That is why, being a great intellectual or philosopher is of no help at all. One more time, no help in this path.

As paradoxical as life is, Baba stressed the “study” of knowledge and to teach others with understanding of that knowledge, rather than going 100% into yoga. Baba mentioned: “you must definitely study the Murlis while abroad.” Note that Baba has mentioned before, that if we do not have a Murli then remembrance is important. Therefore, Baba is giving advice in the Murli according to a situation, a context. This point will become important later on in this sharing.

Baba mentioned that “coming to the world is numberwise.” We don’t come to the physical world all at the same time; then timing represents “status.” Therefore, a subject on day “1” may be a soul with greater capacity than a king in subsequent generations, as long as the soul having the role of a king, had his first birth in that role. 🙂 These are just interesting details.

Another point to consider is when Baba mentioned that we are the only ones who “go from worshiper into worthy of worship.” However, as we know how duality works, that entails that a soul who is not “worthy of worship” cannot be a worshiper. This is the law of duality.

“if someone listens a little knowledge, he will go to heaven.” This is an interesting point, for “listening to knowledge” is valued more than our own actions. Let us say that I listen to knowledge and then perform sinful deeds. Would I still qualify to go to “heaven”? 🙂 That is why, we should consider the points in the Murli with a broader intellect and not literally, especially if as Baba said, “this knowledge is for every religion.”

On that note, Baba discouraged to get married. Even for those who think about going into “pure marriage” out of attachment to another soul. Baba mentioned: ”Have you liberated yourself from Maya first?”

The interesting part is that in another Murlis Baba has been “OK” with pure marriages, especially when someone “gets old.” So why is the difference? 🙂

First is the audience. Baba has been always protective on kumaris. As the “yagya” grew up in size, there was no “room for everyone to be there.” Thus, another solution had to be made.

This makes sense, for a “good” solution at a particular time, is a “bad” solution at another.

Marriage is not the issue to be concerned about, it is sex-lust. If you have not conquer it, you are kidding yourself if you believe that marriage will solve that issue.

Let us keep in mind that there are already married BKs. If marriage was the issue, a karmic problem, then by all means, those souls who are already married should get divorced, right? That was the understanding at one point and that is how we heard about souls leaving their families, to be “with God.” That was emulated by other souls even after Brahma Baba left the body.

However, as we know through gyan, God is not a physical entity. God is not in a “place.” Our awareness dictates if we are with God or not. It is consciousness.

The stigma of being married then, is equivalent of “getting a lower status,” in the Golden age. It could be thought that being married brings bondage, however; at the same time; it could be an opportunity to settle accounts and learn. We are “numberwise,” and we need to respect that rather than add “labels” to others according to our own perceptions. As many times mentioned, the issue is not marriage but sex-lust.

Let us remember that Brahma Baba was married as well as other senior souls now, and even newer BKs, who are ‘doing great service,’ or Baba “doing service through them.’ 🙂

Moreover, it is way easier to say “ Just Baba and I,” when you have the support of an organization behind you or when you have your “lokiks” to go to, or when you even have a husband or a wife to take care of you. Very easy to say, it is “Baba and I,” … however; try living by yourself without those “supports and you will see the reality of being “numberwise.” 😉

Another interesting point to churn is, if we are really conquering those ‘weaknesses’ of feeling alone, needing a relationship, etc; when we transfer those desires into Baba. As we can see, we even say, “Baba is my only support.” That “transferring” does not take care of the “weaknesses” from my viewpoint. In that transferring, there may be some experience, but not necessarily soul consciousness.

As stated before, the main thing is to become soul conscious. Sooner or later we will have to face those weaknesses and while it is important to take support of “training wheels” while learning to ride a bicycle, it is important also to know when, those training wheels are no longer needed.

That is from my viewpoint, to be self-sovereign.

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    Avyakt7: Moreover, it is way easier to say “ Just Baba and I,” when you have the support of an organization behind you or when you have your “lokiks” to go to, or when you even have a husband or a wife to take care of you. Very easy to say, it is “Baba and I,” … however; try living by yourself without those “supports and you will see the reality of being “numberwise.”

    The above a unique way of highlighting “numberwise”……….SUPERB.
    Very good Comments/Churning.
    Thank u


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