Experimenting with Soul consciousness (2)

One of the easiest practices to check our current state of consciousness is to stop everything, sit down, and do “nothing,” but become aware of our own thoughts and emotions.

It is almost as if the mind has been used to “noise.” It wants to get busy on something, add something delightful to enjoy and change emotions through something, for instance; such as listening to music.

That state of boredom, or anxiousness to finish “nothingness,” is the more subtle aspect of body consciousness.

If we have the patience to go through that “first barrier,” we would find another layer, something different which will “center” us; until our mind will take us away from that state, due to some reason or emotion.

It has become “normal,” to talk fast, to be quick in replying, to speak loudly and to be “funny.” Those aspects are like “entertainment,” when we encounter someone with those characteristics, we feel at ease and enjoy listening whatever they have to say. We crave that entertainment to escape from our “boring ,” meaningless life.

That entertainment, “makes us smile,” by taking us from our “dull” state of “searching for something to be fulfilled.” Time to talk about the weather and “how time goes fast.” 🙂 Just say something. Laugh after that. That is the normal script, after all.

Out of the experience of those “normal” behaviors, “fast thoughts” will appear; for to maintain that “entertainment,” is not “natural” “being-ness.”

If you are with someone, experiment not talking to that person. There will be moments of “un-easiness.” That is, “entertainment” is needed to fill the moments of silence.

That is one of the first practical aspects to be comfortable with.

Once, we feel at ease with that “tranquility,” boredom will change. Mental tiredness will change as well; and we could enter into a realm of a different consciousness, where the bulk of our presence does not depend on how much “talking noise” we make or how “entertaining” we could be or how much “stuff” to do we can come up with. (the “I am so busy” syndrome.)

In that new stage, we will be closer to the “real self,” where emotions are replaced by feelings and “funny talks” by a sense of peace.


  1. BK.DR.Satyanarayan

    Om Shanti Divine Soul

    Its a great new service of clearing the doubts of bks regarding gyan.
    I have been regularly reading and taking benefits of “qun and answer”
    One of the bks in murli class asked a qun that why Baba alwyas say 8 108 or 16108
    why this figure is 108 it could also be some another figure, is it any
    nakshatra calculation?
    If we could get some light on this that would be great for us


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