Comments on Sakar Murli 10-10-12

Essence: Sweet children, have regard for one another. Don’t consider yourselves to be very clever. Keep it in your intellects
that whatever actions you perform, others who see you will do the same.

Question: In order to make which stage firm is a lot of effort required?
Answer: While living at home with your family, the awareness of husband and wife should completely end. There shouldn’t
be any such awareness in your mind. We souls are brothers. The children of Prajapita Brahma are brothers and sisters.
It takes time to make this stage firm. While living together, the fire of vice should not ignite. There should be no criminal assault.
Practise this. Remember the Mother and Father who are the Saccharine of all relationships.

Song: Even though the world may change (turn away), we will never turn away…

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother,
the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Hold on to one another’s hand, be co-operative and continue to follow the Father’s shrimat. Remember with a lot of
love the Father, who is the saccharine of all relationships.

2. Just as the Father gives regard to every child, follow the Father in the same way. Definitely give regard to your seniors.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of love who transforms any fearsome volcanic form with your cool form of love.

In return for your love, the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, gives you the blessing: May you constantly remain an embodiment
of love at every moment with every soul and in every situation. Never leave aside or forget your loving image, your face of love,
your loving interaction and your relationships and connections of love. No matter how fearsome or volcanic the form any person,
matter or Maya adopts and comes in front of you, constantly continue to transform that with the coolness of love. Create a
world of love with your vision, attitude and actions of love.

Slogan: You receive power by overcoming difficulties. Therefore, do not be afraid of them.


In this Murli, the vision of brotherhood is being instilled between Brahma kumars and kumaris. Specially, the vision between husband and wife. Baba mentioned: “Don’t live separated but live as companions.”

Note this “yukti” of being a companion with the one from last Sunday “avyakt Murli,” of having no relationships with anyone. As long as someone does not “fit” a particular relationship such as “friend, brother, wife, etc; we can live as “companions,” we can be companions. When buried in words, we can try to find if a companion is the same as an “acquaintance, “ or more like a “partner.” 🙂

More words to think. More complexity. More definitions. Just be aware that attachment nor lust nor ego is coloring a relationship. That is all. BUT for that we need to be really aware.

This is an interesting topic, because the phrase: “service companions,” is used. What is the meaning? The vision is of “brotherhood,” but the relation is of a companion, without any other name, for if we add a name such as “wife,” then there is a responsibility to be fulfilled. (good time to review that avyakt Murli from 10-7-12)

Obviously here, we are not dealing with simple words, but the “feeling” of that relationship.

Note that typical Sakar Murlis, deal with the concepts of relationships all the time, also most religions do. From calling ourselves “brothers,” to being “brothers and sisters, because we get the inheritance,” to the “lover and beloved,” being the main relationship (according to today’s murli; for a few days ago; it mentioned that wife and husband are just a half partnership, so it is better to be a child rather than God’s wife…or perhaps a lover and a beloved is different than a husband and wife… the former sounds more “romantic.” ) Today, also it was mentioned that “Brahma does not have a mother,” but yet in another Murlis, God is the mother and the father… Go figure… 🙂

These ideas of relationships are just meant to bring the feeling of closeness, to bring love. That is the purpose of it.

Ultimately as “souls” there is no relationship for relationships just come based on determined roles and bodies. 🙂

Baba also went into the meaning of “praising” someone. Sometimes is mentioned the opposite “do not praise anyone but the Father.” 🙂 As mentioned before, it just depends on the “context” of the Murli and the point Baba is trying to make.

According to Baba, he feels that Bro. Jagdish explained gyan better than him…

Praise is based on acknowledging and appreciating someone’s role. But let us remember, that it is not “him” or “her” but a role being played which comes with different “features.” 🙂

Finally, Baba mentioned that “everything depends on the pilgrimage of the intellect.” That stage “will come at the end.” Therefore, the guarantee is there; but at the same time we need to take the steps to get there. Note, that the meaning of remembrance has evolved in time as well; but however, we feel remembrance is; it should accomplish 2 things: 1) Transformation of sanskaras and 2) Soul consciousness.

The rest is detail… 🙂

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