Question: Om Shanti Divine Soul Its a great new service of clearing the doubts of bks regarding gyan. I have been regularly reading and taking benefits of “qun and answer” One of the bks in murli class asked a qun that why Baba alwyas say 8 108 or 16108 why this figure is 108 it could also be some another figure, is it any nakshatra calculation? If we could get some light on this that would be great for us

Thank you for your question!

Here is where we need to apply “pure gyan” as much as possible to separate “mythology” from gyani “facts.”

Basically, it is a way of explaining 3 groups as most examples in BapDada’s explanations are. “The maharatis, the cavalry and the foot soldiers,” Similarly, you have the closest ones to Krishna (8) out of the (108) gopis (cow-herd girls) which is the equivalent of “lovers,” and then the third group which is still close to Krishna but, it seems like a more formal relationship; those are the “wives,” (16,108.) – That is a funny analogy.. 😉

In “pure gyan,” we know that there are 8 dynasties in the Golden age; from “Narayan 1, to Narayan 8.” There you have your 8 “passing with honors,” for they become the ones with “greater status.”

Those numbers could be interpreted according to numerology and according to Hindu tradition as well.
The number 8 means “infinity,” “everything.” Also, power and sacrifice.
The number 8 means the 8 limbs of Vishnu ( combined male and female) Shiva is surrounded by 8 petals, probably the 8 dynasties, which have the meaning of awareness.

The number 108 is considered sacred by Dharmic religions. The individual numbers such as 1,0, 8 mean: “one thing,” “nothing” and “everything” (infinite.) This may have different meanings as well such as “creation,” “destruction,” and “sustenance.” In Hinduism, the number of gopis around Krishna were 108.

The number 16,108 means that “Krishna married 16,108 wives.” or it means to chant “16 rosaries with 108 beads” to be absolved of some sins (according to the Kali-Saṇṭāraṇa Upaniṣad.)
This could very well mean: 8 Narayan + 8 Lakxmi = 16 which have their “closest ones,” (108.) The number “16” meaning, complete or perfection such as the 16 “celestial degrees.”

In a nutshell: For me it is a source of “light entertainment” rather than having to take those numbers literally; for they do not add anything to gyan other than the representation of 3 distinct groups expressing 2 extremes (the closest one and the furthest away) and the one in between those extremes.

Avyakt Murli 9-30-12

“…Baba saw three types of result. First were those who take. Second were those who were celebrating a meeting and third were those who received and then gave, that is, those who were earning an income. He saw three types of children everywhere.”

“..There were also three types of students. One was those who simply listened to everything, that is, those who remained happy just listening to everything. The second was those who listened to everything and merged it within themselves and the third was those who became knowledge-full, the same as the Father, and were making others the same. ”

Best wishes!


  1. sukshmbindushmbindu

    also in one murli baba said total 100 kings in silver age, so i think it is like 8people majorly sustain goldenage consciousness by being born in royal family and helping emperor and empress in administration and sometimes being emperor and empress; similarly 100 people majorly sustain silverage consciousness additional to the 8 by being born in royal family and taking up responsibilities as kings and queens; but details of who takes how many births as king/queen in each epoch isn’t told. also 16000 are souls born in royal family in golden and silver age but may or may not necessarily have influencial administrative roles in all births based on each soul’s role. that is why it is told in bhakti totally 16,108 gopis of krishna( krishna being parmatma shivbaba and gopis being we souls as explained in murlis).

    Also baba says all those who take rajyoga course even once will be born as a king/queen but in what epoch, and for how many births and how grandeur depends on tyag(sacrifice), tapasya(effort making to become soul conscious) and seva(benevolent deeds and yagya service) accumulated by each soul.


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