Comments on Sakar Murli 10-11-12

Essence: Sweet children, bugles (shehnai – musical instrument specially played on happy occasions) of happiness
should now be playing in your hearts because the Father has come to put His hand in your hands and take you
back with Him. Your days of happiness are now about to come.

Question: Now that the sapling of the new tree is being planted, what should you definitely be cautious about?
Answer: Many storms come to a new tree. Such storms come that all the flowers and fruit fall. Here, too, the sapling
of the new tree that is being planted will be shaken with great force by Maya. Many storms will come. Maya will
make your intellects have doubts. If there isn’t remembrance of the Father in your intellect, you wilt and fall.
This is why Baba says: Children, in order to be safe from Maya, put a bead in your mouth, that is, do your business etc.,
but continue to keep the Father in your intellect. This requires effort.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

1. Have disinterest in this unlimited world and remove it from your intellect. Imbibe the imperishable jewels
of knowledge and become wealthy for the future.

2. Only remember the things about the new world that the Father tells you. Forget everything else you have studied.
Die alive in this way.

Blessing: May you be loving to God and become free from hard work with the power of love.

The power of love makes hard work easy. Where there is love, there is no hard work. Hard work becomes a form of
entertainment. Souls who are tied in various bondages have to work hard, whereas souls who are merged in God’s love
easily become free from effort. Always keep this blessing of love in your awareness and then, no matter how great a
situation may be, with love, the mountain of the situation will transform and become as light as water.

Slogan: To remain constantly free from obstacles and to make others free from obstacles is to do accurate service.


Today the Murli mentioned about remembrance. It was specified as 3 types of remembrance; 1) The soul world, 2) the subtle region- (Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar being the only residents..) and 3) the physical world through the cycle of time.(Swadarshanchakradhari.)

Note that this type of ‘remembrance’ is basically going through the knowledge. This type of remembrance even mentions the “subtle deities,” as we know; only subtle Brahma is there (Brahma Baba) the other 2 are basically part of devotion or a representation of something. Note that “being a point” is another type of remembrance as well where the emphasis is on the experience of the soul.

We need to experiment and try and see what works for us. This Murli also mentioned that remembrance is the most important aspect for it will ‘save” us from “wilting” and leaving this path.

The comparison of being a ‘sapling’ for the tree is a very good figure of being a “newcomer” in this knowledge. The storms will be there waiting and even though some of us think that “finding God” is a source of “safety,” as Baba mentioned, those tests will become stronger due to the need of “settling karmic accounts.” Usually the aim of a Sakar Murli, is of a “protective nature,” to keep that sapling growing stronger and away from the "claws" of Maya.

However, for the sapling to become a full grown tree, there are storm that are necessary to face, storms which this tree must overcome; for otherwise, it will grow weaker. Note that a gardener cannot be overprotective of a sapling, but need to figure out when is the right time to leave the sapling who is becoming a tree, by himself. That is the wisdom of the Drama and BapDada’s help.

A very good point was: “According to effort you automatically go to the Golden age.” God does not need to be there and “open the doors.” Everything is already in all the roles of a particular soul, even “passing with honors.” That is why, to see this Drama without the uncertainty or fear of “failing” in the future, is to have knowledge. Do your work now and leave destiny by itself. There is no one who can “fail,” for no one can fail in being “themselves” again. It is a circle and everything comes and goes in 5000 years. You will be you again in 5000 years, no matter what you do to “improve.” 🙂

“Improving” is one of those comparative words which does not exist in the recognition of the unlimited Drama.

This Murli also mentioned that all religions come from the “same trunk.” This is something to fully realize, for when we say that ‘we have the truth,’ we do not realize that we are talking about the same tree at a different time. Christianity came from the trunk; therefore it has part of that “truth.” (just like any other religion) Their “truth” will evolve in time, just like any other religion; but note that this is not a “somersault” where their truth will evolve into BK truth, (back to the beginning) but it is a tree where their own branch will grow away from the trunk. This is important to keep in mind when looking at the picture of the tree and understand that "expansion" of branches is the theme of the day.


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