Comments on Sakar Murli – October 12, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, you have to value this study a great deal. If you are ill or even about to die, you must still sit in class.
It is said that you should leave your body with the nectar of knowledge on your lips.

Question: When and how do children become instrumental in turning others away from the Father?
Answer: When those who sulk with brothers and sisters stop studying and become those who defame the Guru, many others
who see them also turn away from the Father. Today, they may be studying well but, tomorrow, they stop studying and they
therefore cannot tell others to study. Such children deprive themselves of a high status.

Song: The Flame has ignited in the happy gathering for the moths…

Essence for dharna:

1. Even while looking after your household, definitely make time to do spiritual service. Consider yourself to be responsible
for increasing service. Don’t do any disservice.

2. The One who is teaching you is the Supreme Teacher Himself. Therefore, you definitely have to value this study a great deal.
Under no circumstances should you miss this study.

Blessing: May you be loving to God and transform hard work into love by experiencing the Father’s company.

BapDada sits you children in His lap of love and co-operation and is taking you to your destination. You children simply have to
remain loving to God and merged in His lap and hard work will then change into love. Perform every task while merged in love.
BapDada is with you at every moment in all relationships. He is your Companion in service and with you in your stage.
He is offering to fulfil the responsibility of all relationships. You simply have to be loving to God and stay with Him according
to the time in that relationship and you will not feel alone.

Slogan: The balance of self-progress and service is the means of success.


In this Murli the aim is to “do service” rather than “dis-service.” For that Baba gave several “yukties,” such as “move along with great caution for there is a great responsibility,” ‘Don’t sulk with brothers and sisters,” “keep studying otherwise, Maya the alligator will eat you,” “you are in the household path, but do not indulge in vice,” etc. Then, obviously the greater “notch” of dis-service is to be a “traitor.”

This is a great point to churn. I do have plenty of experience with “traitors,” of this path. One thing is to have a “bad experience,” and go away because of that; but another is to play ‘redeemer’ and try to influence someone else’s experience on this path.

“Do not be with them, they are this and that,” “they only want this and that from you,” etc. To express your experience is alright. It is your experience, : good, bad, ugly. That is not an issue. A perspective is not reality, that is why everyone has the right of their own experience without further influences.

As BKs, we have the responsibility to live this knowledge according to our capacity. We will make mistakes along the way; that is for sure; but to show constant animosity to a path which was previously embraced, is the works of a “traitor.”

This knowledge is not about getting the “history of BK right,” nor “ to find if so and so believed to be God or not,” or “if the administration acted right or not under someone’s view” neither about what “others think.”

This is about your own personal experience. Spirituality does not deal with worldly parameters. Follow your heart and filter anything else out of your system, that is learn to “be you.”

From my own experience…… your own experience is the compass in spirituality.

Another point to ponder is about the “customs and systems of devotion and the ones of knowledge.” Many times we take devotional systems and “upgrade them,” into knowledge. Nothing wrong with practicing your own devotion, but it is important to acknowledge it and not to deny it.

Knowledge does not deal with any devotional practices or rituals. Soul consciousness is not related with none of that. Love is not devotional, but devotion will make us “taste love.”

There is no “untimely death” in the Golden age. There is no fear of death there.

Basically, in soul consciousness, there is no death for the experience of the eternal soul will not allow that to happen. At this time by settling our karmic bondages, we are ‘clearing’ our intellects to experience that soul consciousness one more time.

Finally, Baba mentioned that “storms will come,” It is “normal,” 😉 “Baba has to experience those storms first so he can explain those to the children.”

In this point, we could see that God is truly beyond any experience and we can see that Sakar Mulis will have lots of Brahma Baba’s experience in them. Recognize that it is the “number one soul,” experiencing those.

And here another little paradox: “God is antaryami (the one who knows everything inside you) but He is not “janijananhar” (a thought reader.) 🙂

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