Discovering self – soul consciousness (3)

Near the bay of Tampa, there is a club where private boats stay. Alongside there is a very rocky place sort of a small beach. It is secluded because it is hard to walk by those rocks.

Here I usually go riding my bicycle, for a refreshing “soul massage” from Nature. I like to sit there early in the morning before dawn or late in the afternoon. Hearing the sounds of the water hitting smoothly the rocks is very soothing. Feeling the wind and breeze is refreshing. The sky gives you the colors of the moment. This is a natural meditation setting which is priceless.

Sitting there looking at the water, hearing the soothing sounds; all of the sudden my thoughts stop going over the mundane. Work, relations, me, everything is over.

There is a sense of calmness which increases as my focus becomes natural on that moment. Little by little I feel a “presence” in me which is fulfilling, which already has everything. It is a presence without issues, complete in itself.

In the experience of that “presence” there is wholesomeness and beauty. There is appreciation. There is love.

The layers to get there need to be “peeled” by sheer awareness on the inner self.
That awareness came automatically through sheer practice. Sitting there in meditation for many days until little by little I was getting there without being aware of it Things happen naturally at the right time.

I feel there is more depth to it. I feel that this experience could be deeper and longer, I feel that “getting lost” there is probably next, but ‘trying to do it’ is how I can easily get away from it. An ego-less state of being cannot be reached by a commanding ego. “Let me do it,” is out of the question.

The feeling afterwards is of “peace.” It is not that the mind is at peace, but the “self” took over the mind. The “self, the being” emerged and showed a small sample of it.
The clutter in the mind is disturbing the clarity of the immense and deep waters of the self. Those ripples are making us believe that there is a “huge storm,” although it is only occurring in a small glass of water.

Forgetting is easy in that moment of surrendering the mind. That surrender happens when I do not think about surrendering. Things happen at the right time, automatically. It is the next natural step.
There is nothing to pressure, nothing to wish, nothing to hope for, and nothing to desire.

Unlimited disinterest. 😉



    QUESTION: Even though Baba repeatedly tells us that there is only Brahma Baba in the Subtle World, what is the significance and relevance of telling new comers that Shankara and Vishnu are also residents of that region? Baba also indicates that Shankara and Vishnu are also a part of HIS creation. Why?


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