Question: Dear brother, first let me say you are doing a wonderful job clearing doubts of BKS and showing other no BKS what it means to be yourself and to be a spiritual person. As much I want to lead a vice free life, there are times where my uncleared sanskars make me perform small mistakes now and then which sometime when I review my act for the day makes me feel very discouraged. It is as if even with the determination to stop these kind of small mistakes I feel helpless. How can I get these out of my way so that I can progress further?

Dear soul, Thank you for your kind words. The “role” plays and “I” get out of its way…

On your question, let me share my experience.
Determination is good and part of the solution, but it is not enough. More than anything else, patience is required.
“You may lose a battle but not the war.” This is an advice that someone which we both listen to, gave me sometime ago.

Whatever it is, be aware that it is happening. Be conscious of it. Yoga is the best medicine. However you want to call it (meditation, remembrance, yoga, etc.) Just experience the self and become “centered” before doing anything. Be aware of that peaceful self and maintain that feeling as much as possible. Value peace and quietness in the self more than any other things, and whatever disturbs that, should be let go. It is not a fight, after all. It is about letting go by being aware.

Best wishes!


  1. pmmcur

    Om shanti, thank you for this conversation. I like to add: the journey of falling and getting up is most important, it is the only way to profoundly change (transform) I think. Looking back at mistakes most of the time you can see that over time they become smaller, so there is progress even if you don’t experience it at the time of making them. Love to all souls, *


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