Comments on Sakar Murli – October 15,2012

Essence: Sweet children, if you make the slightest mistake, Maya will swallow you in such a way that you will move away from God’s company. Therefore, be cautious and remain aware.

Question: What are the regulations for sitting in God’s class?
Answer: Only those who have recognised the Father accurately can sit in this class. Those who sit here need to have
unadulterated remembrance. If, while sitting here, you continue to remember others, that will spoil the atmosphere;
it is also a great disservice. Because the regulations here are very strict, there isn’t that much growth.

From which one thing can you tell what the stage of the children is?
Answer: In this diseased world of sensual pleasures, when you face a test paper and begin to cry, one can tell what
your stage is. You are forbidden to cry.

Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart!

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become 16 celestial degrees full like the moon, make a complete donation of the five vices and become
liberated from bad omens.

2. After belonging to the Father, don’t perform any sinful actions. Remove your attachment from the body and become
a conqueror of attachment.

Blessing: May you be loving to everyone and finish all types of bodily feelings and imbibe soul-conscious feelings.
By staying in body consciousness, all types of feelings arise. Sometimes you will like someone and sometimes you will
dislike someone. By looking at others in their form of souls, spiritual love will be created. By having soul-conscious feelings,
soul-conscious vision and a soul-conscious attitude, when you come into a relationship with others, you will remain completely
detached and loving. So, while walking and moving, practise: I am a soul. By doing so, all different types of feelings will
finish and you will automatically be loved by all.

Slogan: Those who have wings of zeal and enthusiasm automatically receive easy success.

This Murli was one of those “danger, danger, Maya will get ya!” This is one Murli probably used to shape up the “children,” in their behavior.
It has all the components: 1) Some warning about being “awake.” If you do not remember the Father, “the alligator will eat the elephant. It is not that the elephant goes searching for the alligator, but the other way around.” 2) Are you a real child of God? “If you do not follow Shrimat, you are an unworthy child.” 3) The reason to pay attention: “if you do not listen to me, how are you going to go to the Golden age?” 4) Just in case someone “breaks down,” “You have no right to cry here, because in the Golden age no one cries. If you cry that means that something is lacking in your stage.” 5 ) If you obey me, then you are “in.” “Those who follow my shrimat are my worthy children,” but “if after belonging to the Father you perform sinful actions, you will receive a hundred fold punishment.”

That is enough material to scare the “bravest” out of the bunch. 🙂

As we go deeper in gyan, we realize that the Drama is there already. There is a numberwise fashion in following “shrimat,” as well as in being a “Godly student.” The idea of punishment for just playing a role is out of the question, once we see “unlimited,” pure gyan.

A “kingdom is being established.” Subjects are wanted. 🙂 Not everyone could be a King or a Queen, and certainly, there will be happiness for all there.

Another point was about the violence of sex-lust. “to use the sword of lust out of anger.” This “vice” is the one who finishes BKs once and for all. There is no other “alligator” as stronger as that one.

Another important point to note is the one in which Baba was describing God: “He is the Father, teacher of all, the Supreme Father who does not have a Father. Even Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar have a father.” “The Father takes birth once in a cycle.”

In light of “pure gyan,” those attributes of God are figurative; meant to define something which cannot be defined through “relationships.” God is a soul just like us. The concept of father is merely devotional, but at the same time; that relationship is the one who does not leave us completely without supports when we are in this spiritual life of “giving everything up, even your own body.”

For all purposes Brahma Baba is the “father of the BK clan.” We cannot assume that God is the father of the BK religion only, for we know that God has a connection with other religions as well; which do not follow “shrimat.” That is why, it is very important to see that we cannot take the Murli in its literal form, specially Sakar Murlis.

We do not want to think like fearful children by being afraid of “monsters,” but rather to see beauty, to feel love and that cannot be felt while being afraid of “failing.” We are children as far as being innocent hearted, as far as acknowledging BapDada’s role as a Father and teacher; but besides that, we have the other side of being a “master,” and for that there shouldn’t be no alligators who could stop us. It is not a matter of crying like a baby to get Baba’s help, but a matter of dealing with issues with the powers which Baba has made us aware that we possess.
Just a different perspective.

Finally, note that the emphasis on “purity of the gathering” has changed. From a “No impure people around, without recognition of the Father,” to a be “broad minded and accept other souls even though they will not be like you” (This is from yesterday Avyakt Murli 10/14/12; so I hope it is still fresh in our minds.) This last “shrimat” from Baba was given back in 1975. Even the way to “do service through others” was really a pioneering idea. How is it that we are still many times stuck with a 1950’s mentality is many times out of my understanding; especially despite BapDada’s latest directions.

Certainly, this is something that I see changing little by little, which is good. Bravo! 🙂

The blessing was very good. It is not only important to say “I am a soul.” It is very important to feel that, to experience “I” the soul before anything else in knowledge. Once I experience that, our vision changes accordingly. To say “I am a soul” without an experience, will make our interaction an “act.” Let me act as being “pure, soul conscious being,” that acting is not real and because of that is meant to deceive us sooner or later. Let us be “real,” like the soul we are.

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