Question: Dear brother, what are the methods that will speed up the process of settling our karmic accounts? Or is this something that it will take its own time even with the fire of yoga/remembrance?

Thank you for your question! 🙂
As you know everything is already in the Drama. The “timing” is already there. Life is a journey not a “race.” The destination is “today,” which karmic-ally will make our future tomorrow.

As Baba has explained, tapasya/remembrance is a sure way to emerge sanskaras which are closer to the “original” virtues of the soul. As we emerge virtues, weaknesses go away as they get transformed and that settles karmic accounts, for episodes which used to affect us, will no longer do that. You know that you have settled a karmic account when it does not affect you anymore. In that process, you will learn different things about yourself which are needed in your spiritual growth.

As you mentioned, there is “remembrance” to be done, but at the same time “life to be lived,” both are needed at the same time for growth to happen.

Best wishes!

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  1. Bhabatush Biswas

    Om Shanti
    The Best Indication of settling Karmic account is that, we wuld feel same in all situation, neither feel praised, nor defamed. we would see every one individual just same (soul), not that One is more dearer to me that the other. One would feel light in every attempt of Work (Karma) because of continuous in touch with Baba. The result is an inner happiness and joy without any break.


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