Question: Question: Dear Brother, Can you clarify as Baba always says to know Him ‘as He is’ “yatharath”. To know tha Baba is a point of light, He is Supreme, so He has no Father, He is Father of all, He is Teacher of all, He resides in Supreme aborde “Paramdham”, Father takes only one birth, He dose not take rebirths. So knowing all this does mean we know Baba “Yatharath” ? If not, then what more is to be known about Him?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul. I would ask you to look at all of those descriptive words under the glass of “pure gyan.” Also I would like to ask you the following: If I gave you my birth date, the place I was born, my current job, even a current picture. Would you say that you know me? 🙂

When would you say that you know me?
and if you knew me personally, would any of the previous information about me, be helpful in knowing me? Moreover, if you knew me personally 5 years ago, would you say that I am still the same?

That is why, for me God, is an experience. Just like the experience that you would have if you knew me personally. However, your experience is not “Me,” but a perspective you would have about me.
Just like many people have different perspectives about God according to their experiences.

That is why it is easier to “describe” someone as we do with God, but in that description; there is no knowing but a description.

Best wishes,


  1. Bhabatush Biswas

    Om Shanti, Knowing Baba Yatartha, is to know all about him, along with that with complete faith (100% Nischay) one should follow what he says to us children.
    For example, At some point if I am unable or not following Baba’s Shrimat, instead did according to man-mat or par-mat, then it means I have made my faith less then 100%. and complete relying on Baba’s Shrimat is not there .

    Now why am I not following or not able to follow ? it is because I have not understood Baba, completely, otherwise I would have done what Baba says without any leap.

    In short to become equivalent to Baba is to Know Him Yatartha.


    • avyakt7

      Thank you for your input.
      Bear in mind that “following” Baba entails to understand that directions are according to time and according to circumstance. Without this understanding and without applying this accurately, we will be following our own “manmat” colored by a sanskar of being ‘tough and strict’ rather than disciplined and flexible; hard and linear, rather than soft, malleable and accepting.

      Best wishes!


  2. Nguyen Thanh Quan Vu

    Om Shanti my sweet sweet brothers, in my opinion, Baba wants us to remember him, communicate with him, be with him every second that we can. Because how can I love a person if I don’t know him? The more I communicate with him, the more I can understand about that person, and the more I can like that person, love that person. But like brother said above, the only one can understand GOD is himself, the Father. We souls only can understand a part of him, and the more we understand him, the more we become equal to him. And like another brother said, discipline is love. When we have true love with the Father, we will have discipline and just follow what he told us to do.


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