Question:Dear Brother, As often stated once we have received this knowledge as ” this is our last birth in the cycle” before taking a new birth in golden age, how does this work for souls who are in Gyan and shed their body before settling their karmic accounts?

Thank you for your question!

First, according to “pure gyan,” everything is beneficial in the Drama. Then, we have the knowledge of being “numberwise,” and also the knowledge of roles being performed until the “end of the kalpa,” before those roles start repeating again.

Therefore, being numberwise means that not every soul will be able to “settle all of their karmic accounts” while in the physical realm. But, at the same time, if a soul “leaves his body” now; we know that that soul still can take rebirth and settle more karmic accounts in their next birth. As we know, we can “settle” karmic accounts through suffering and that could happen in this life or the next one.

The phrase “this is our last birth in the cycle,” was spoken when at the time it was thought that destruction was very close according to the circumstances of the time. However, it was the last birth for Brahma Baba, as we know.

BapDada likes to play with this concept of “this is it, no more time left.Hurry up now.” This is a good way of making someone “make effort” rather than to “sleep in carelessness,” for everyday, “should be our last day….” and as we know, we should be “ever ready,” with “attention and no tension.” 🙂

Best wishes,


  1. margaretbernard66

    Om Shanti,

    Adding another perspective to the one given by you on “this is our last birth in the cycle”.

    It could also mean that from the time a Soul first comes into Gyan, from that moment the Alaukik Jivan begins. So everything prior to Gyan in this birth becomes the last LAUKIK birth in this cycle of 5000 years. A Soul who has come into gyan and then leaves the body, will once again be born into this world (to settle karmic accounts), but will come back into gyan, sooner or later. It will be an Alaukik Jivan.


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