Comments on Sakar Murli – October 16, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, your study is that of the intellect. In order to make your intellect clean and pure, interact with
your household tactfully. Maintain precautions with your food and drink.

Question: How is God’s activity very wonderful and incognito?
Answer: The activity of making each and every one settle his and her karmic accounts is very wonderful and incognito.
No matter how much someone tries to hide his or her sins, they cannot be hidden. Punishment definitely has to be experienced.
Each one’s account is kept up above and this is why the Father says: If any sin is committed after belonging to the Father,
then, by telling the truth, half will be forgiven and the punishment will be reduced. Don’t hide anything. It is said:
Someone who steals a straw is the same as someone who steals a hundred thousand. By hiding it, one cannot imbibe virtues.

Essence for dharna:

1. At this time of destruction, have true love in your heart for only the one Father. Stay in remembrance of One.

2. Always remain true to the true Father. Don’t hide anything. Make effort to remain soul conscious. Never become impure.

Blessing: May you be constantly victorious and, together with your efforts, transform the attitude of others by experimenting with yoga.

Effort prepares the ground and that is essential, but, together with making effort, also transform everyone’s attitude by experimenting
with yoga and you will see success close to you. With determined faith and experimentation of yoga you can transform anyone’s intellect.
Whenever there has been an upheaval in service, victory has been achieved by experimenting with yoga. Therefore, prepare the ground
with your efforts but, in order to reveal the Seed, experiment with yoga for only then will you receive the blessing to be victorious.

Slogan: Only those who accumulate a treasure-store of charity through service are said to be charitable souls.


This Murli gave some explanations about the law of karma. However, those explanations were colored by the understanding of the audience at the time. I will show those points, here and then; an explanation will be given based on “pure gyan.”

1) Baba makes everyone settle their karmic accounts.”

2) Punishment definitely has to be experienced.

3) By telling the truth, half of the sins will be forgiven.

4) You have to settle karmic accounts without feeling punishment.

5) If you don’t follow God’s teachings you cancel your status.

6) “that soul must have committed sin, that is why that soul was born in a dirty home.”

7) “Don’t hide your sins. Baba knows everything.”

8) Baba is the “Lord of the poor,” Wah poor, wah!

Point #1: We know about the Drama. We know about roles. Settling karmic accounts is part of the role and that happens according to time. The role of God is to let us know this knowledge. From there, our understanding is numberwise.

Point#2: We cannot be ‘punished” for playing an eternal part. Settling karmic accounts happens on a numberwise manner. The experience of suffering is part of that. As we become soul conscious when we leave our bodies, the suffering of being “away from the body” will be diminished. Otherwise, due to attachment we will suffer. That is to settle a karmic account. “8 will not experience that settling at the time that they leave their bodies.” Whether the number 8 is literal or a representation, it means that a few will be able not to experience “late settlement” for they had been able to settle their karmic accounts while in the physical body.

Point #3: The law of karma works like a clock. There is no such a thing as telling the truth for an exchange of feeling just 50% of the consequences of my deeds. However, by recognizing a mistake soon (that is what some religions call repentance) I should not repeat the same mistakes.

The emphasis of Baba at the time, was to encourage the children to say the truth. Probably some circumstances were happening were they were hiding things from Baba.

Point #4: We know that Baba is encouraging us to be part of the “8.” We know that “settlement” will happen to everyone. Even those who passed with honors, had to settle their karmic accounts while alive. For instance, Brahma Baba experienced a nagging cough, or experienced betrayal. Mama experienced cancer. That is settlement of karmic accounts.

Point #5: Effort making life is not meant to “get a status” in the Golden age. That is not the reason why we are in this knowledge. You will not remember that you made an effort to enjoy it as when you sacrifice something to see the fruit later on. The status will come, but status is not a source of “happiness” there, for it is the “land of happiness” already. Our effort making life is an inner call without a particular reason. Spiritual attainments are only important “now.”

Note that the ‘status conscious’ talk was meant to encourage children to do their best. That method worked for many years, but to realize that this method is not exactly the reason why we “make spiritual effort,” is to leave the training wheels behind and to ride the bicycle fully.

Point #6: Not necessarily. For some souls, a harsh environment it is a source of inspiration to become better in life. Some souls need a challenge to progress and for that reason, the environment that we are born in, may work both ways (to elevate us or to make us touch bottom) however, we know that the “Drama is beneficial for all,” therefore, we cannot judge things which others are experiencing under our own limited vision.

Point #7: That line is to let the children know that “someone knows exactly what they have done.” The aim is for the children to tell things out of knowing that someone has watched them and know about their deeds. We know that the law of karma takes care of things automatically according to the Drama.

Point #8: This point may be misinterpreted as an apology for being poor. There is no relationship on being “poor” and being “spiritual.” There is the example of King Janak as well as many wealthy BKs who have made spiritual progress in their lives. However, the settings back in the Sakar days were that rich individuals will not feel attracted towards the knowledge in general, even though some of the former “jewels” came from well to do families, they gave up all of that to be a BK.

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