Interpretation of Knowledge: The trap and the mouse

Spiritual knowledge cannot be interpreted by an intellectual mind.
Typically when we read a scripture or a document, we will interpret it according to our background information. We need information about something or someone to be able to intellectually understand something.

For instance, there are 4 different excerpts below. I doubt that many readers will be able to identify the origin of those writings or even what they are talking about unless they had previous exposure. Note that complexity is gained through greater intellectual information, but at the same time; simplicity could be complex to understand if things are not “logical.”

Extrapolation of the expansion of the Universe backwards in time using general relativity yields an infinite density and temperature at a finite time in the past. This singularity signals the breakdown of general relativity. How closely we can extrapolate towards the singularity is debated—certainly no closer than the end of the Planck epoch.
God is the creator of all things from nothing, and has made human beings in the Image of God.
Just as there is the memorial from the previous cycle of how the Pandavs shot the arrow and water emerged, that is. how they made effort and the fruit emerged, so it is now the time for instant, practical fruit. It is now the season, and the time is also blessed, and so you have to take the benefit of it.
All difficult things begin as easy things. All great things begin as small things. Therefore, the True Person never attempts anything great, and accomplishes great things.
Lightly made promises inspire little faith. Trying to make things easy results in great difficulties. Therefore, the True Person regards everything as difficult, and is never overcome by difficulties.

We are used to interpret things according to our own background knowledge. However, when we are looking at spiritual knowledge, that interpretation is based on experience alone for the most part. That experience is not something that comes by reading books or listening to classes.

That experience is the product of a life teaching. Under that light, our interpretation has value for it is merely putting an experience into words. Those words, cannot be deceiving; that is “misinterpreted,” for experience understands that any definition will try to explain an experience but it will not be able to fully do it. However, because something has been experienced it is easy to fill the gaps of written words, which may not explain accurately.

Unfortunately, many just repeat definitions. Repeating is equated with “knowing something.” Someone who just “repeats” for the sake of following is an easy prey for misconceptions. On the other hand, the experience of the meaning behind the words, when there is the experience of life; is a source of confirmation of that spiritual experience.

Then, our own “discovery” becomes a source of joy when confirmed through scriptures or writings…even through “scientific” stuff. 🙂

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