Question: Dear brother, In today’s murli, Baba talks about not to waste time and money on the path of devotion, is it because our sanskars of being devotee is so deep that we need to come out of it or we still have not fully become a gyan soul?

Thank you for your question!
The sanskaras of devotion are very deep in Brahmin souls.

Only those who were “worship worthy become worshipers.” That devotion is of course “numberwise,” and that capacity to perform devotion goes along with the capacity of becoming “pure” that is, worthy of worship.

Baba is reminding us of some of our ways in devotion, obviously; the more visible ways, but it will take deep realization to break apart those old habits, as you may have experienced.
That may be called a full-gyani soul….in a numberwise fashion. 🙂

Best wishes,



    QUESTION:Dear Brother, Where is Dharmaraj puri ? When shall it be formed ? Who is Dharmaraj and what is his role ? 


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