Question: My lokik mother who is 100% vegetarian (but eats onion & garlic) who has faith in Baba (but cannot dedicate her life as a BK!!!) who has been to Madhuban twice has been cooking my food for the past month. She loves to cook & cooks with a lot of love. Please may i have your comments on this type of situations. Thank you.

Thank you for your question!

There is a saying: “As the food so the mind.”

In my experience, food is extremely important in maintaining a good stage. Spiritually speaking, the vibrations are important. Baba usually mentions that “if we eat food cooked by a yogi, our stage will become good.” Also, “if we cook our food while in yoga, that food will give us power.”

In my case, I am extremely picky as to what I eat as well as if I have to accept food from another BK. I cook my own food and even though I am not a “cook” by any means, I manage to do it because I know it is important.

When I first started in gyan, My ex-mother in law liked to cook. She would accommodate my needs, she was celibate and she was a good cook! I asked around if I shouldn’t accept her food anymore.
The reply I received from Baba’s instruments was that I should accept it (to avoid confrontations and knowing that I was “new” in gyan.) However, back in my mind, I wanted to “do everything” from the beginning; and “asked Baba for His help.” 🙂

I told my ex-mother in law that in my new faith, I needed to prepare my own food but that I could accept fruits, if she had some.
To my surprise, she was very accepting and did not feel offended. Magic!

With that background information, I think that you could see my viewpoint.

Best wishes!

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