Comments on Sakar Murli, October 20, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, you spiritual Brahmins should have a lot of love for one another. Meet together to discuss and
decide how to give everyone the true Father’s introduction.

Question: On the basis of which faith can you children make your fortune elevated?
Answer: First of all, let there be the faith in your intellects that the One who is teaching you here is God Himself and that
you have to claim your great fortune (hundred fold – saubhagya – fortune) from Him. Only then would you study with Him
every day and be able to make your fortune elevated. The Father’s shrimat is: Children, you must study every day under
all circumstances. If you are unable to come to class, read the murli at home.

Song: You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop!

Essence for dharna:

1. Live together with a lot of love for one another. Get together and decide how you can enable the Father’s message to reach everyone.

2. This is the time of destruction. Therefore, have true love for the one Father. Purify the soul with yoga.

Blessing: May you be a trikaldarshi soul and one who experiments and attains success with the power of determination.

BapDada’s blessing is: Where there is determination, there is success. With determination, make a programme to experiment
with any virtue or power and first of all experience contentment in yourself. Have the determined thought: I definitely have to
do this. You should not be influenced by the carelessness of others. Sit on the seat of the trikaldarshi stage and, using the
method according to the time, first of all become an embodiment of success. Only then will a powerful gathering of souls who
experiment be created and the rays from that gathering will perform many tasks.

Slogan: Those who receive blessings from everyone are jewels of contentment.


In this Murli, Baba takes again the topics of service and remembrance. However, there was a class at the end which talks about death and dying and to become karmateet, which I took as very important experience.

Baba mentioned about the wonder of the soul. God is a soul just like us. The soul is imperishable, but it “has a part of 84 births recorded in it.”

I wonder how many souls are able to understand this point. How many souls believe in “getting punishment and feeling guilty” for things which will repeat again, specially things which have been performed before getting knowledge.

Yes, those “sins” are nothing else but the largest virtues that you have in its most degraded state. That is why we talk about “transforming” and not “creating.”

Please see the points above. Churn it.

Granted, if you are happy with your devotion/understanding/ ways, that is fine too. The above points are not needed unless you feel guilty, worthless and have tension of “not doing the right thing for fear of being punished.”

The above points will not be understood by all. As a matter of fact, there is the risk of being misunderstood by saying, “then it doesn’t matter what I do.” 🙂 It is your life. So it matters for you as far as getting the return of your deeds. As far as the Drama is concerned, what you will do… is what your role has always done. No big deal. 🙂 It is this paradox which escapes the understanding of 99% of BK souls.

Therefore, devotion.

Baba also commented that “perhaps he has an advantage over the children in remembrance, for Shiva is right beside him.” This is another point to go over and I will not add anything else to it, but just bring it up for further churning.

Finally, the last part of the Murli was interesting about death and dying. It has been “my wish” to leave the body while seating in meditation, just like Sanyassis or even Buddhist monks do. However, that wish comes with some work to get there, because as we know; everything is cause and effect.

Baba mentioned that to leave the body without the suffering of being ill for a prolonged time, with medicines and all the other “facilities of science” is a great blessing. I think that everyone of us could see that.

Leaving the body should be a peaceful experience. Should be seeing in the face of the individual; that inner contentment should be felt and appreciated. That is why it has been said that “to live is to learn to die.” But, I see it as, “when we live fully and in grace; death automatically will come in the same way;” especially at the end of our roles in this kalpa; then we could see “karmateet” for dying or leaving the body is just a continuation of that graceful life.

That is Karma 101.

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