Question: According to BK gyan, how did various languages arise?

Thank you for your question!
According to “pure gyan” that is explained through the concept of “numberwise” (entropy.)
Language is nothing else but the ability to communicate using certain protocols with certain people. Those protocols are learned by living in a determined socio-cultural setting.

As we know, in the Golden age there was “unity.” Whether there was a spoken language there (“Pure Hindi” 🙂 ) or telepathy or a combination; the fact according to gyan is that in the silver age, different kingdoms appeared. Bharat wasn’t the only “land” anymore, but there were several “picnic places” all over the world. (Continents emerged again.) At that point, of “division,” language is the first thing that becomes fragmented.

As we know, there was “destruction” at the end of the Silver age. At that point, many souls were dispersed around the world. From that point, different cultures emerged and therefore; different languages.

The point in gyan that explains this is: “From the seed, expansion appears.” From that same seed, different branches will appear. These changes do not take hundreds of thousands of years as believed, but just a couple hundred, especially when “technology” wasn’t available for worldwide communication.

Best wishes!

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