Question: I am fond of teaching the Foundation Course to Baba’s new students. I do it most evenings after work. One day a BK told me that you are lucky that you are not burnt out. At that time I did not know what is to be ‘burnt out’ especially for a BK who enjoys doing a particular service. I can understand if a BK is tired (body) which I have been recently due to a variety of things going on. Have you experiened/withessed BKs being burnt out? I hope tiredness is not an early stage of ‘burnt out’ because I had to cancel a couple of classes because I felt physically tired & just wanted to be quiet & didn’t feel like talking. Please share your thoughts/experience. Thank you.

Thank you for your question!

I have been “burnt out” from work, but I do not recall; from Baba’s service…
Probably the BK soul mentioned that because anything that is “repetitive” (teaching the same class in the same way) could cause that sensation of being “burn out,” but anything that you do with pleasure, will not.

Being “burn out” from my experience in “lokik work,” is mental. You will not feel enthusiastic about doing something. What you are describing are physical symptoms which are related with taking care of the body.

Also, when you perceive that “karankaravanhar is working through you,” that energy is pleasurable and to see the faces of the students, understanding these “new” concepts or having different realizations that would be helpful in their lives; is in itself a “reward” for the teacher’s time and effort.

To take time off when the body needs to recuperate is a “service,” to others and the self.

Best wishes! 🙂

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