Comments on Avyakt Murli – October 21, 2012

Imbibe complete purity through the foundation of accurate faith.
12/4/95 (original)

1) Your type of “foundation” in BK life.
2) If you have any “gates” open for Maya to come (weaknesses.)
3) If you are following the 4 subjects and accomplishing the goals of each one of them.

In this Murli BapDada is referring specially to the “new ones.”
He is mentioning about the 3 types of “foundations” of Brahmin life.
The 3 types are: 1) accurate knowledge of “I” the Soul. The Supreme Soul and a sense of belonging to the Father. 2) Foundation through the experiences of yoga or the company of the Brahmin family 3) Foundation by just avoiding the “outside” sorrowful world.

BapDada has clearly mentioned that only the first type of foundation is the one who will assure us success. The other 2 types, are not strong foundations and if being a BK soul is based on just those, sooner or later the enthusiasm of the beginning will disappear gradually and we may return to the “old world.” ( Like this expression from avyakt BapDada better than “divorcing the Father.”) 🙂

The first foundation entails to have the Father as our only support and to experience the company of the Father.
Impurity cannot be in front of the “Almighty Authority, ” so our task is to “close the gates” where Maya comes. Those weaknesses can come in a “royal,” visible form or in a subtle form.

BapDada made the example of greed. Note how the vice of greed is mixed with ego in his example of someone who is looking for “name,” and “recognition.”
One vice will bring other vices along.

Even constantly thinking that something should happen is a “royal “form of begging.

BapDada mentioned that to be “at the front” due to a particular specialty, does not mean that someone is strong in yoga and that they are “receiving a number ahead.” It just means that their specialty is needed .

Therefore, the main thing to stay in this Brahmin life is to make our “accurate foundation” (type 1) strong.

    To have knowledge means to be sensible, that is never deceived. Therefore, there must be knowledge in our actions.
    To be a yogi means to have a clean and clear intellect.
    To be have dharna means to be “double light” under all circumstances.
    To be serviceable, means to be a humble instrument.

Bring the Father in your awareness and the rest will come to you to be successful.

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