Comments on Sakar Murli- October 22, 2012

Essence: Sweet children, wake up early in the morning and practise sitting in remembrance. Even at meal times,
remind one another of the Father. By continuing to have remembrance you will pass with honours.

Question: Of which one weakness does the Father receive reports about the children?
Answer: Even now, many children have not yet become embodiments of love. They continue to speak words
that cause sorrow for others and this is why the Father receives a report about them. You children have to interact
with a lot of love. If you yourselves have defects, that is, evil spirits, how would you remove the evil spirits of others?
Therefore, you have to become embodiments of love, like the deities. Remove evil spirits!

Song: At last the day for which we had been waiting has come…

Essence for Dharna:

1. While carrying on with your business, continue to spin the discus of self-realisation. Remind one another of the Father.
No matter how many tests come, you must definitely maintain awareness.

2. After donating the vices, never take them back. Never cause sorrow for anyone. Don’t become angry.
Remove any evil spirits from within you.

Blessing: May you be free from waste by considering yourself to be an instrument for world benefit and become equal to the Father.

Just as the Father is the World Benefactor, in the same way, children are also instruments for world benefit. The atmosphere
is to be transformed through the attitude of you instrument souls. As are your thoughts, so is your attitude and this is why
souls who are responsible for world benefit cannot allow their thoughts or attitude to go towards waste for even a second.
No matter what the circumstances are or what people are like, your feelings and your attitude should be for benefit.
Have pure feelings even for those who defame you and only then would you be said to be free from waste and equal to the Father.

Slogan: With the power of co-operation, impossible things become possible.


This Murli emphasized aspects of Dharna. It was about “creating a stage,” with love; as well as the usual “remembrance.”

Some Dharna points based on love:

“If we cause sorrow to another person, then that is an evil spirit in you. You should not have anger. Interact with a lot of love.”

“You have to become embodiments of love here. Shower everyone with love, even if they talk with anger to you.” “Donate the vices and do not take them back , otherwise; you will not be able to claim an inheritance.”

Some points about remembrance:

“Remembrance at meal time. Wake up early in the morning and remember the Father. Amrit Vela is the time for the alloy of the soul to be removed. It requires effort to remember the Father accurately. Work with your hands and let the heart be engaged with the Beloved.”

Some points for churning:

“We will play the same parts again. End of Iron age is the stage of “ascend” – There is benefit for everyone.”

Note that “confluence age,” is not mentioned. For a Brahmin soul, the experience should be of that of the confluence age. Through “ascending,” others will also benefit by simple interaction.

“You haven’t had the awareness by yourself. It was the Father who gave you that awareness. Remove the awareness of the old body.”

Here, we can see the task of the Father. Simply, to give us awareness through gyan. Once we have that awareness, then our “effort maker” life starts. Anything else that we would like to add about the Father and “His role,” could be borderline “devotion.” Knowing the Father accurately is to be an embodiment of knowledge; because He gives us knowledge. This is a practical thing. (As knowledge, the "4 subjects" are included per Avyakt Murli of Oct. 21st, 2012)

In this Murli there were valuable points about the soul.

“Soul cannot speak without a body. Souls automatically come down to play their parts.”

Interesting to note, how a soul comes down “automatically,” WHY?

Because there is a part already in it. The soul “wakes up,” at the right time . The soul is part of this Drama. (The paradox being that we know to be "individuals," but at the same time we function as a whole, without perception of parts, when looking at the Drama.) However, when we say that “The Father will take us back home, to be with Him;” note that the same could apply, and "automatically" the soul will know where to go once all acting parts in the cycle have finished. The “part of settlement,” Is another "part" to play.

As expressed above, the "part" of God is to give us the awareness of this knowledge.

I liked the blessing very much for it is making us aware that our thoughts are important not only for us (thinking them and experiencing its results) but for others as well, since the perception of others about us, is based on our attitude.

As our thoughts, so our attitude.


  1. pmmcur

    Concerning the moment that we “automatically” come down, I remember sis. Jayanti explaining that it is the moment for the soul when the world has the same level of vibrations (purity) that the soul had realized in itself at the time to go to the soulword.


    • avyakt7

      ….and that moment of realization is according to the capacity of the soul, which is “predestined;” (for lack of a better word) or as Baba would say “in the fortune of the soul.” 🙂


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