Love is a generating energy source of inspiration that brings movement, balance and subtlety. To Love our being regenerates. To Love God reforms or transforms, love to others revitalizes. Love that is truly pure is able to unite, and this unity is the most powerful shield for the being which creates in others enthusiasm that allows them to maintain a regenerative attitude which in turn, makes possible to move limited supports (attachments). These limited supports could be moved to a position where transformation can truly be initiated; a new vision, a new attitude, a new beginning. With this generating energy we could be able to create a new life based upon our higher purpose. Life means, that space where we can express ourselves. Love is that energy which fulfills the conscious essence of our being, the greater the conscious experience of it; the greater will be the experience of being valuable, able and fortunate.

Consciousness is that part of the being that expresses itself through the intellect. Our consciousness either “sleeps” or stays alert in the intellect. Feelings which reside in the mind are connected with the heart and the body, likewise our consciousness is connected with its location and space. Our consciousness can move within three levels: the physical level, the subtle level, and the level of the consciousness of the being (the actor). These three states of consciousness will determine our remembrance and our understanding. We can visualize ourselves as those who are making efforts or as those in a subtle costume or to visualize ourselves in our perfect form. The state of consciousness of the original “I” brings us the experience of the pure and valuable being.

When we speak about remembrance, we bring to our present state the experience of the Supreme Being and the experience of our home. This experience occurs at the level of the state of consciousness of the being. We have the memory of having resided there many times (Parandham); it is when our consciousness stays in the state of the original being when we are able to recall this; in this way we can begin to manifest our virtues and powers constantly. When our state of consciousness is located at the subtle level, we can remember the subtle region and the meaning of performing actions with subtlety and royalty in a practical form, thus expressing ourselves with the subtle language of the soul with greater intensity. Also it is possible to travel greater distances. It is through this remembrance that we can eliminate the “spiritual myopia” and we can see with greater clarity our body of light, our essence which is the original being and the roles that we perform in the three worlds.

It is possible to see this in others (the original form) if we apply an unlimited vision. Maintaining purity of our thoughts and feelings, our channels will be clean, our connection will have greater intensity since disturbances or mixture will not be there but only the single experience of God and I, and as consequence the experience of sharing with others. This triangle flows full of constant energy. Remembrance in the physical level refers to remembering all the roles that we have performed during the cycle while being conscious of movement and cyclical time.
Due to this, I am free from the bondage of time, place or circumstance. The memory of our roles locates us in the present, propelling us towards the near future and allowing us to enjoy the present while becoming prepared for the future.

It is through the understanding of all the roles we have performed, by realizing the value and the importance of each one of them, by remembering the perfection and accuracy of this unlimited play; through this I am conscious that there is no better actor than myself to perform the different roles that this play has made available to me.

The state of our consciousness will then determine our understanding. How this works?
When our state of consciousness is at the physical level, our vision will only reside at this level; therefore our understanding will be limited to the physical laws. Knowledge of who we are in essence will be unreachable at this stage; it will be very difficult to visualize our other two states.

Our physical vision is very limited. In this stage we are “hit” by time (among other things) here, depression or anxiety will appear: Depression of being unable to move ourselves according to the fast speed of our thoughts and the anxiety of the future, due to the inability to see beyond.

When we are located in the state of consciousness of our subtle costume, however; time cannot touch us. The experience of “lightness” and “brightness” (double light) is expressed in our face. Our subtle costume will be reflected in the subtle world, locating us in the subtle experience. Service will be speedier and will reach out greater distances.

When we move in the state of consciousness of the original being it is possible to perceive what we are in essence: Purity. We have the understanding about eternity and the capacity, purpose and assurance of our connection with God. It is through God and through this connection that we can communicate with the entire world. A conscious, aware soul emits energies towards God, this is called Raja Yoga. The consequence of this connection will affect others. This forms a marvelous triangle where we not only receive energies from God directly but from God through others.

Greater remembrance means greater understanding. With God’s help our activity becomes divine.

Our vision affects our attitude and our attitude creates an impact.

If I constantly remember God bringing him to my heart and vision, I will experiment purification and cleanliness with ease, then the beauty of the original being will be visible. If I constantly remember: “I am a soul” my vision and activities will be elevated and divine; the spiritual efforts of this age will become easy.

Naturally, my connection will reveal the powers and virtues of the soul in a precise way in every scene of this unlimited drama. If I understand that I am an eternal soul and if I understand who is my Father, Teacher and Guide and I constantly bring this knowledge to my intellect; then the sentiment of fulfillment and happiness will emerge with ease. Deeper experience means deeper fulfillment.

Those who maintain the vision of the Father in a natural way in their hearts will become easily like the Father.

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