Question: Baba talks about this imperishable knowledge all the time, is that enough for some souls to get a role in golden age or silver age without the yoga and the effort? or is the is number-wise too?

Thank you for your question!

When Baba refers to “This knowledge,” that is the “4 subjects,” gyan, yoga, dharna (inculcation) and service in their “PRACTICAL” form.
All of those 4 subjects are related. However, gyan is the first ingredient which makes the “cycle of 4 subjects” move.

Gyan allows you to have accurate yoga. Gyan and Yoga together allows you to have natural “dharna.”
Gyan, yoga and Dharna together means “service to humanity.”

Yesterday Baba mentioned about the “signs” that we attain when we are the embodiment of every particular subject.( a good review of the Avyakt Murli 10/21/12, is suggested.)

“The percentage in those 4 subjects needs to be equal,” As BapDada mentions.
As we know, the practice of that is numberwise.

Best wishes!

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