Question: Dear brother, I have read your article in experince section i.e. “Proving the Proof- BK Patricia from Peru”. I found out that these explaination are very useful. The terms: Consciuosness, Understanding, Remembrance, Love are very deep? Could you explain this in brief and in your practical way of explanation?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
Yes, indeed. The experience those words convey, are very deep.

Before i answer your question, let me say that “I’ translated that recording from the original Spanish, when I was a “baby in gyan.”
I have read that document several times in my BK life with many months in between my readings, and every time I read it; I understand something “new,” but based on my own experience.

Spiritual knowledge is like that.
Intellectual understanding is detrimental because the intellect for the most part, is caught up with the physical realm and will not allow sheer experience of life and inner wisdom “to understand those words, without understanding.”

It is the same with the Murli translated into another language. To understand, we need to have experienced those things for the most part, in that way there is no chance for “manmat.”(your own intellectual understanding.) This is the reason why, BKs who “thrive” in intellectual understanding but without the spiritual experience, are more likely in the “Ex-BK ranks.” it is a matter of time before their own minds will take them away from gyan. Your own mind could be your worse enemy.

However, the same thing happen with the BKs who are into “Baba said only.” Because that repetition lacks their own spiritual experience and without that, the soul starts to “wilt,” because is not allowing himself/herself to experience “out of the box” and to acknowledge their own experiences. These souls are looking to “match” someone else’s spiritual experiences rather than be happy with their own.

As far as your question:
1) Consciousness: It is awareness. That awareness could be located in any of the 3 worlds. If we have experience of the 3 worlds, then our (2) understanding (second keyword) will be greater. That understanding means “to know,” that knowledge could be experiential or “theoretical.”

3) Remembrance: Our remembrance is based on our experience and consciousness. Baba is giving us different forms of remembrance. For instance, “spinning the discuss of self realization,” that is physical remembrance. Another example; “to dress with our avyakt clothes,” that is Subtle remembrance. The practice of the avyakt form is in fact, subtle remembrance.
To “become a point,” that is ‘soul world’ remembrance.
To remember the Father, then; can take any of these forms which again, depends on our consciousness and that consciousness will give us understanding and that understanding feeds back into remembrance.

The goal of remembrance is to ignite soul consciousness. That is why we can try different methods of remembrance, which Baba has given us.

All of that needs to be filled up with (4) love; because love is fulfilling. Love could be “separated” into love to the self, others and God, but it is just love in different experiences.(Here an article about it) Pure love is capable of removing attachments in the self. That is why Baba is continually asking us for our “good wishes and pure feelings from the heart,” because that ignites love. Remembrance of the Father, ignites self transformation.

That is why “Baba says” 🙂 that the proof of love to God is self transformation.

I would strongly recommend to read this article every 5 months or so and see how your understanding will change according to your experience.

I will publish this article here, even though; I have shared it many times already with others.

Best wishes! 🙂

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